Klita N’ima

Aliya is a tough process for normal people. Olim appreciate all the help they can get to make the transition to Israeli life as pleasant as possible – Klita N’ima, and even for deciding if they’ll make aliya. Should you make aliya? Could you make aliya? Will political realities FORCE you …

The 28th of Iyar, Book Review

The State of Israel has been gearing up for celebrating the 50th anniversary of our miraculous victory in the 1967 Six Days War…That’s why I’m very happy that Rabbi Emanuel Feldman has republished his lovely and honest memoir, his day by day journal written during the weeks leading up to the Six Days War and the war itself.

Milestones and Roadblocks

In the summer of 1986, my mother turned seventy years old. She had been a widow then for the same amount of time as she had been married.  To mark the milestone, my brother, my then husband, and I held a surprise birthday party for her.  The pictures that sit …

Sean Spicer, the Pope and the Holocaust

The fact that people in such positions would make such absurd statements is indicative of a larger problem fostering ignorance and insensitivity, not because of Holocaust denial or even anti-Semitism, but simply because of not knowing the facts.

When You Go To War

There is a battle raging in Israel and sadly, it is between Ultra-Orthodox Jews and non-Ultra-Orthodox Jews. On the bright side, it is a battle that unifies many diverse communities. On the negative side, they are unified against one of our own. In the last few weeks, the debate has …