Bring them Home – Aliya NOW!

… despite yeshiva or Hebrew school educations, 20th and 21st century Jews chose to remain in communities outside Israel. Though they studied Torah and celebrated the end of Pesakh seder with the call to return to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, they hadn’t lived up to the words that they mouthed.


December 11, 2018 was an emotionally laden day for a recently married couple, especially the husband. After a five-year conversion process, David Bonett converted to Judaism. Orthodox Rabbi Etan Mintz in Baltimore, Maryland supervised the completely kosher effort. However, a glitch in the man’s efforts to become an Israeli citizen has haunted …

Coming Home?

I read an “In your opinion what’s the hardest part of moving to Israel?” question on Facebook, and replied “Failing to prepare for the relocation to a new country with its own language, customs and realities. People arrive here as if they floated away in a hot air balloon from …

Welcome back to Klita N’ima. Part 2!

The more you experience the vocabulary, the spelling and the sound of the words you need to know, the more likely you’ll recall them at will. Think about it. How did you learn the songs you heard on radio, albums or other recordings? Your repeated exposure to the lyrics made memories!