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22 Affirmations from The holy Yanuka

A member of the Lev Emunah Therapy course given by Rav Rachamim Bitton, I share the following message from him: From the esteemed Yanuka, Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Be’eri Shlita: “Anyone who contemplates these 22 principles daily will merit witnessing salvation and profound positive changes in all aspects of soul, consciousness, and …

Upgrade: Israel’s Ashalim Solar Power Plant is More Powerful than Ever

American Eric Loyle did Israel a huge favor when he parlayed his engineering expertise into making improvements at the world-famous Ashalim Solar Power Plant in the Negev. A high-ranking member of General Electric’s team of problem-solvers, Eric had conducted a brief assessment of the site in November 2019. He was …

Emotions Inspired by a 100-year-old Nazi

We are determined never again to be in a position that we have to wait for the delayed justice of an embarrassed nation. Never again will our people be imprisoned through the cold winters of Germany and Poland, treated as outcasts in Yemen and Iraq, starved and beaten in the cities of Austria, the Netherlands, France and Hungary and Belgium. Israel is the answer.

War and Attacks: Day 3 – Operation Guardian of the Walls

Last night saw several huge barrages against Israel. Over 200 missiles were fired against Beersheva in the early morning hours; Tel Aviv was attacked twice. A direct hit on a home in Yehud resulted in utter destruction, the family safe and uninjured because they were in the bomb shelters. During …

The Land Doesn’t Lie

Fifty-four years ago, Jerusalem was placed back in our hands. It is time, good heavens, it is time for us to make it crystal clear. If Jews are prevented from Har HaBayit, then so too will it be closed to Arabs. If Jews are under attack in this country, the Arabs will also know no rest.