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For more information read the Israel Blogger Agreement.

And finally, if you’ve read about us and are asking yourself what our agenda is and what our rules are…here we go:

Israel Blogger has one agenda, a few rules (and a few conditions).

Our Agenda:

We want to build an open platform with no censorship. We seek quality writers who can eloquently share their thoughts. What those thoughts are is completely up to you – we want right and left, left and right. We want secular and religious, religious and secular. All topics related to Israel and the Jewish people is fair game to be posted. You can post as a regular blogger by registering to blog or as a guest blogger by sending your post to

Our Rules:
  • Only post material for which you have copyright authorization. Your material, or written permission to share. Your posting it means you have these rights and we place the onus on you to prove this. We accept no responsibility for the copyright of material posted by others.
  • No fighting – argue with the ideas that people present, don’t argue with who the people are or how they choose to live their lives, how they dress, what they eat, where they live. Keep it polite. Keep is civil. Destroy the logic of the argument made, don’t try to destroy the person.
  • Keep it cultured and civilized. We do not believe four letter curse words are the only way to express our love, our anger, our disgust, our frustration. Express yourselves. Let the beauty of your words speak without resorting to crass and vulgar language that simply cheapens your message.
  • You can disagree with the Israeli government…who doesn’t at least every now and then but…Israel Blogger does not allow:
    • Threatening anyone, politician, religious leader, fellow blogger (saying they endanger Israel is not considered threatening them, saying you disagree with their platform is fine).
    • Do not threaten the security of Israel – do not print information before it is allowed to be printed.
  • Be open to changing your opinion – learn from yourself and from the writings of others and share yourselves. Be personal, be open.
  • You are not allowed to use this platform for commercial use (no selling products or services. We will delete posts that promote an individual, organization, product, etc.
Our Red Lines

Like all sites, we have red lines, and here they are:

  • Do not cheapen the Holocaust (capital H) by using analogies to compare modern day events to the Holocaust (genocide has a definition – make sure if you use the word, it meets the definition). Nazis were members of the Nazi party and worked to implement the Nazi plan for world domination and the eradication of the Jewish people. If you use the term, Nazi, make sure it meets the definition.
  • You can criticize actions of the Israeli government and even of the Israeli army, but soldiers sent on a mission who act within the guidelines of the Israeli army are not murderers. We will not allow slurring soldiers who have chosen to serve Israel and are giving years of their lives for this purpose.
  • No threats, no calling for the deaths of anyone – even our most hated enemies. You can call for life in prison, you can call for Divine punishment but no threats can me made against individuals, bloggers, politicians.
  • No pictures should be uploaded to the site without carefully checking that they are legally allowed to be shared. ALL AUTHORS CARRY SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PICTURES THEY CHOOSE (or upload).
  • Before uploading a picture – it is YOUR responsibility to confirm there is no copyright infringement. To do this, either make sure you took the picture (or created the image), you know who created it and have their permission, or, you have followed the following procedure when taking a picture from the Internet:
    • Search for Images from Click Tools and then under Usage rights, select Labeled for reuse.