A Letter To Pres. Trump in Advance of His Meet with Abbas

A Letter To Pres. Trump in Advance of His Meet with Abbas

Dear Mr. President:

Later this week, you will be meeting with a person, who (on the outside) appears to be an older, respectable gentleman, in the twilight of his life. Do not let that outward appearance fool you. Sir, he is a terrorist with blood on his hands. Not only that, he also rewards those who perpetrate terror against Jews.

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has openly lauded the murder of Jews. He has openly stated that he “Welcomes every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.” He makes it clear in the Arab media that he is completely in favor of doing whatever is necessary in order to accomplish his goal of driving the Jews into the Sea.

In addition, he recently stated that all monies being paid to terrorists in Israeli jails and the monies/stipends being paid to their families will continue. Let’s wrap our collective heads around that one, Mr. President. Here is one example: Recently, a British student was murdered on the Jerusalem Light Rail. Abbas has rejected calls to cease paying her murderer thousands of dollars per month. Consider this carefully: Abbas PERSONALLY approves paying those who murder Jews (and others) in the name of “ending the occupation.”
Mr. President, you will be meeting with a man who PAYS people and REWARDS people who murder Jews. Perhaps as a pre-condition to meeting with this terrorist-in-a-suit, you should demand he cease any such payments. When a family is in desperate times, financially, and sees a possible way to make a fortune of money by sacrificing one of their family members in the name of Jihad, what is the incentive to “stand down”? Why would a person, who has been raised on hate, NOT go out, murder a Jew knowing he will be seen a a shahid (martyr) and a hero because he will then be providing for his family!?

And what of Abbas’ refusal to condemn terror attacks? And why is it that in his preparatory time in advance of meeting you, why was there a massive rally in Ramallah, calling for the destruction of Israel? A man who supposedly is coming to Washington to talk “peace” is showing his duplicitous persona by encouraging this massive rally to murder Jews.

For way too long throughout Jewish history, we have been seen as an easy target and have had our blood looked at as being quite expendable. Mr. President, it is clear based on many statements that you have made that you do not want “business as usual” in so many areas. One area that this could not be more apt must be the conflict in the Middle East. Our Prime Minister has said on dozens of occasions that he will meet with Abbas at any time with no pre-conditions. Yet, Abbas constantly and consistently rejects these invitations. Not only that, but as demonstrated above, Abbas has a vested interest in NOT making peace. So do all of the hundreds of families receiving stipends from the PA for having murdered Jews.

Mr. Trump, the time has come: See Abbas for what he is–a terrorist, who breeds more terror and encourages more terror every single day. He has blood on his hands and is happiest when Jewish blood is spilled. I urge you to demand from him a number of items:

  • Cessation of ALL payments of any  sort to any individual or family who are receiving funds for murdering a Jew or attempting to do so.
  • He must renounce ALL violence against Israel and her citizens–IN ARABIC AND ENGLISH.
  • He must ensure the arrest and prosecution of those who foment against Israel.
  • He must sit at a negotiation table with you and Mr Netanyahu with NO PRECONDITIONS.

Then, and only then should you begin a dialogue with Abbas. It is critical that you see him for what he is–nothing but a terrorist who wishes to look like a legitimate leader and fool the rest of the world into thinking he is a moderate. He is not…and he can not be a so-called moderate when ALL of his actions point to only one thing: He revels in the death of Jews and would welcome the destruction of Israel.

Mr. Trump, please open your eyes and deal with him in the way you need to by saying those magical two words: “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Thank you!


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