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Language Leads to Education & Education Leads to Peace – If Your Lexicon is Torah & Who Does UNESCO Think It Is Anyway?!

Peace and security – isn’t that what we want?!
Torah values and esteems peace so much that it notes and credits all those who effected peace, while also specifying the exact number years of peace each succeeded to achieve.

Time to Declare Independence From United Nations

It seems like we Israelis are always complain about the treatment we get from the United Nations and its various bodies/groups/organizations such as the Security Council, UNESCO, etc. Nu, why does anyone in their right mind expect an improvement? The world is antisemitic. The only Jewish establishments/foundations/museums that can get …

What does it all mean?

Today is Israel’s 69th Independence Day. 69 years ago, the State of Israel became a reality, as the declaration of Independence was read. A citizenry, a large population of which lived through the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe, finally had some ray of hope for the future, some modern …