Celebrating Israeli Independence Day, 5777, 2017

Celebrating Israeli Independence Day, 5777, 2017

Here in Israel the entire country manages to transition from the mournful Memorial Day to the exuberant and festive Independence Day. Having them connected helps the bereaved by showing how Israelis appreciate and value the price we pay for our independence and security. They aren’t forced to mourn in a lonely vacuum.  And Memorial Day here isn’t a convenient vacation/party day, which was what the American one ended up being for my family.

For those of us who attend the religious prayer services which includes a very enthusiastic and musical Hallel (Praise) Prayer, like we have in the Shiloh Tabernacle Synagogue find that thanking Gd as a community of Jews certainly prepares us for celebrating the miracles Gd has preformed for us.

Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israeli Independence Day is definitely a spiritual holiday, not a simple celebration of a historic event. Recognizing the Hand of Gd in everything that has been happening to the Jewish People makes it easier to go on even when times are difficult. As we left the synagogue, it was easy to put our troubles in the “back pocket” and celebrate together. Following are a number of photos and short videos I took last night here in Shiloh.

Enjoy, Chag Ha’atzma’ut Sameach!

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