Up Against the Devil’s Advocates in the British House of Lords

Up Against the Devil’s Advocates in the British House of Lords

A big shout out, kudos, and thumbs up to the righteous-angelic Baroness Ruth Lynn Deech for speaking the truth, nailing the real issue – of Israel’s basic right to exist – and for daring to speak up against the devil’s speakers, Lord Dykes and Baroness Tonge – yimach shmam! – on May 5th in the British House of Lords, as per the recorded clip floating around of all three’s speeches.

Each word of Baroness Jenny Tonge is venomous antisemitic lip service to Hamas.  Signed-sealed-delivered pact with the devil.  Then there’s the heretic bloke, Lord Hugh John Maxwell Dykes – to whose mega-appellation we’ll gracefully add: yimach shmo!  (And a hearty yimach shma to ole Jenny too!).

Every word out of Hughey’s mouth is so false and reveals such ignorance as to exceed the point of being ridiculous:  “There are so many settlers.  How will we get them to leave?…to occupy another country illegally on the basis of a biblical fable”…  Every single word warrants challenge and clarification: settlers – we (who are “you” anyway?!) – occupy – another – illegally – fable.

But the place to grab these snakes is actually on the issue of the “Bible” – our holy Torah.  Am Yisrael’s right to Eretz Yisrael derives from the Torah, and is a covenant beginning in biblical time.  So, NO!, the Torah is not a fable.  Today, there is a wealth of archeological findings all over Aretz that testify to our nation’s ancient and actual, physical tie to the land.

Moreover, Am Yisrael is a people with direct blood lines to the very real people of the Torah.

Back in the beginning of January, 1997, an article by Judy Siegel appeared in the Jerusalem Post in which she wrote, in part,

“Jews of the priestly tribe (Kohanim) – both Ashkenazi and Sephardi – have been found to share a variation of the Y chromosome, linking them as decendants of Aaron the high Priest who lived 3300 years ago.  This was the result of a study conducted by Prof. Karl Skoecki, a senior nephrologist at Rambam Hospital in Haifa and head of molecular medicine at the Technion’s medical school, along with colleagues in Haifa, London and Arizona.  Their finding was published yesterday in the British science journal Nature [“Y Chromosomes of Jewish Priests” in Nature: International Weekly Journal of Science, vol 385, No. 6611, 2 January 1997, p. 32].”

And a British science journal to boot!  Well, aren’t you the idiot, Hughey!  Not such a fable, is it.

This hits at the point: Am Yisrael became a nation and definitely has the right to its existence, not from 1948, but from well over 3000 years ago.

Now, to fill in the blank and solve the riddle of the title:  The devil’s advocates were up against – the totality of Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael, Torat Yisrael…and Hashem!

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