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Language Leads to Education & Education Leads to Peace – If Your Lexicon is Torah & Who Does UNESCO Think It Is Anyway?!

Peace and security – isn’t that what we want?!
Torah values and esteems peace so much that it notes and credits all those who effected peace, while also specifying the exact number years of peace each succeeded to achieve.

Klita N’ima

Aliya is a tough process for normal people. Olim appreciate all the help they can get to make the transition to Israeli life as pleasant as possible – Klita N’ima, and even for deciding if they’ll make aliya. Should you make aliya? Could you make aliya? Will political realities FORCE you …

When You Go To War

There is a battle raging in Israel and sadly, it is between Ultra-Orthodox Jews and non-Ultra-Orthodox Jews. On the bright side, it is a battle that unifies many diverse communities. On the negative side, they are unified against one of our own. In the last few weeks, the debate has …

Purim: An Iranian-Persian Haman’s Final Solution to Annihilate All Am Yisrael  – We’ve Heard That Before

B”H Bayamim hahem – those days just as today.  Am Yisrael has been up against more than one Final Solution plan to completely wipe us out.  With all the merriment of Purim, we still need to remember that our joy and celebration are because we were able to not only …

So, Where Does It Say We Have to Wait For Mashiach?  The “Three Vows”

That we, Am Yisrael, on the brink of our exile, vowed to Hashem that we would not return en masse to Eretz Yisrael before the geula – whereby the Mashiach would ingather us home (kibbutz galuyot) – that is undisputed.
What is disputed is only whether the vows are still valid and in effect.