BTS = Modern Form of Erev Rav

BTS = Modern Form of Erev Rav

The closer we get to geula, the stronger and clearer the rift and antagonism between Am Yisrael and the Erev Rav.

It all boils down in the end to Am Yisrael versus the Erev Rav, though the two opposing camps are still intertwined and mixed together.

Am Yisrael stands with and for Yisrael – the Nation, the Land, and the Torah thereof – being our identity, purpose, and distinction.  The Erev Rav will do anything to undermine and destroy Yisrael.

Please do NOT be duped, even if they try to call themselves Jews – they are NOT.  For thousands of years already, we have only suffered from them – they have never been faithful to our nation, Am Yisrael, or to God.  BTS is merely one of the modern forms of Erev Rav – the true enemy of Am Yisrael.

The simple story line is –

Am Yisrael = the good guys

Erev Rav = the bad guys

Fancy titles and names don’t fool the ba’al yediah

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