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Breaking News: Parashat HaShavua & 20 Years Since the Israeli Helicopter Disaster

B”H This morning, “My Nation – Ami Chai” posted a pic of the monument erected in She’ar Yeshuv, the village over which the two helicopters crashed, with the caption reading “Today marks 20 years since the Israeli Helicopter Disaster”.  It then adds – “On February 4, 1997, two Israeli helicopters …

Enter the Erev Rav & Exodus B’nei Israel: The Need to Internalize Their Power and Enormity, Because They’ve Always Outnumbered Us… the Erev Rav

Today we learn that it is the Erev Rav rule here in Israel that refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as our capital – it is they who are preventing the US embassy from being transferred to our capital.  It’s the Erev Rav, not the US, that’s stopping it.

Is It Time to Eradicate the “Built-In” Sadness in Judaism?

Allow me to preface this with a very important statement. What I am proposing here is merely in theory. The Shulchan Aruch (the Code of Jewish Law) indeed prescribes various fast days and days in which joy is curtailed. Therefore, any comments or ideas here cannot be taken as a …