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My Bad Experience At Temple Mount And Why I Will Go Up Again.

I hesitated in resolving to go to Har Habayit (Temple Mount) and mulled it over for quite some time. I follow the decision of many reputable rabbis who not only permit visiting Har Habayit, but encourage it. Information about where we may and may not step is readily available, as …

9th of Av Yet Again

9th of Av In another two days is the Fast of the 9th of Av, when we must endure a 25 hour fast* to commemorate/remember the invasion/conquering of Jerusalem and destruction of both our Holy Temples. The 9th of Av is the saddest most tragic time in the Jewish Calendar. …

It’s Not About The Metal, It’s About The Mettle

The palestinians will have you believe that installing metal detectors at the Temple Mount has led to an outbreak of violence. They’ll say it caused “outrage” in the Muslim world. They’ll say that Muslims were “insulted” and they’ll say that Israel is attacking Islam. They are concerned about the “Judaization” …

Jerusalem – Simple, Clear, Jerusalem

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. If that is true, than a video likely speaks one hundred thousand. There are very few words in this video, but what is there is a simple. clear explanation of why Jerusalem is holy to Israel and how it is uniquely ours within the context of history. Watch the video and please share it with others. I don’t think it is possible to give a better history of this city than what is shown here. How the Temple Mount is treated, how Jews and Arabs pray. How they treat the Temple Mount  and more. Our history, our present and our future, all rolled into this video. Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the Jewish State of Israel.

The fact is,while Palestinians have accused us of desecrating the Temple Mount, this video shows that we are not the ones desecrating it. Can you imagine Christians allowing their children to play soccer and have a picnic inside their churches? I have never seen children playing ball in or near the Kotel, the Western Wall. And before you say that you’ve seen picnics and playing children in the yards of churches, remember that all of the Temple Mount is holy, though clearly there are areas that are more so.

Watch the video and you will quickly see why others are against it. One video showing Jerusalem’s history, citations from the Koran that support our historical ties to the land of Israel while showing an absolute lack of documenting any Muslim ties to Jerusalem. at the same time, the video explains our ties to Jerusalem, back to the time of King David and forwards. Share. Watch and watch again. I have…it’s a beautiful video (and yes, I saw the spelling mistakes but ignore them and focus on the meaning).