God’s Law vs. Man’s Law in Jerusalem

God’s Law vs. Man’s Law in Jerusalem

A Jewish woman went up to the Temple Mount today and she did something unthinkable. She broke the law…man’s law, Bibi’s law, not God’s law. Jewish Woman Being Assaulted on Temple Mount

And in return, two policemen broke the law…not Bibi’s law, not man’s law, but God’s law (video at bottom of the page).
I’ve been to India; I’ve been to England and Germany and Belgium and Italy and Greece…and more…and in EVERY place.

OMG…in EVERY place, a woman security guard was there. With respect, when they felt I had to be searched, they searched. When a security officer asked me to remove my head covering, I said “no.” When she asked if it was for religious reasons that I would not remove my scarf, I answered simply “yes.” She asked if she took me to a private room, just her and me, would I remove it, and again I answered simply “yes.”

But here in Israel, here in Israel…two men have the right to drag a woman around this way? They dragged her off the holiest place in Israel because in following God’s law, she broke man’s law…

On this day, my heart breaks. God’s law, Bibi. God’s law. God…
Video of today’s travesty:

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