Israel’s Prime Minister: We Must Love All Children

Children are the most precious…and vulnerable…members of society. The Editors of Israel Blogger enjoy bringing you videos and excerpts that have particular meaning to Israel and Israelis. This video was made almost two years ago and yet remains relevant and pertinent, especially today. It is a video of the Prime Minister of Israel addressing all parents, parents of Palestinian and Israeli children, parents of Iranian children. More, he called for all parents to raise their children, to educate them properly. He speaks of an Iranian wrestler being ordered to lose rather than face the moment when he would have to compete against an Israeli.Israeli and Iranian Flags

The Palestinians value bravery, but bravery isn’t all there is in life. There is light and love; their is hope and freedom. There is family and so much more. But most of all, there is the love of children and the values we place within them. The Iranians value victory but won’t compete with Israelis. Their hatred quickly and firmly triumphs over all else.

Here is a young man who has spent much of his young life fine-tuning his body and his training being forced to throw a competition rather than appear on the same screen as an Israeli. And where does this all lead? It leads to a global situation in which Iran threatens Israel and the western world because we don’t conform to their version of what the world should be. We need to educate and raise children with love.

This happened in 2016. This happened in 2017 and now, finally, in 2018, some measure of justice has been delivered. The Iranian wrestler has been banned from international competition for six months. More importantly, his coach, who ordered the athlete to throw the match, is banned for two years.

Video of Prime Minister Netanyahu – We Must Educate Our Children


Jerusalem – Simple, Clear, Jerusalem

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. If that is true, than a video likely speaks one hundred thousand. There are very few words in this video, but what is there is a simple. clear explanation of why Jerusalem is holy to Israel and how it is uniquely ours within the context of history. Watch the video and please share it with others. I don’t think it is possible to give a better history of this city than what is shown here. How the Temple Mount is treated, how Jews and Arabs pray. How they treat the Temple Mount  and more. Our history, our present and our future, all rolled into this video. Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the Jewish State of Israel.

The fact is,while Palestinians have accused us of desecrating the Temple Mount, this video shows that we are not the ones desecrating it. Can you imagine Christians allowing their children to play soccer and have a picnic inside their churches? I have never seen children playing ball in or near the Kotel, the Western Wall. And before you say that you’ve seen picnics and playing children in the yards of churches, remember that all of the Temple Mount is holy, though clearly there are areas that are more so.

Watch the video and you will quickly see why others are against it. One video showing Jerusalem’s history, citations from the Koran that support our historical ties to the land of Israel while showing an absolute lack of documenting any Muslim ties to Jerusalem. at the same time, the video explains our ties to Jerusalem, back to the time of King David and forwards. Share. Watch and watch again. I have…it’s a beautiful video (and yes, I saw the spelling mistakes but ignore them and focus on the meaning).