Israeli Defense Know How

They come from all over the world; police experts, military leaders, high tech experts and weapons experts. They come to learn. You have a problem with tunnels being dug into your country and drugs and humans being sold? We have a solution. Rockets, chemical warfare? We have a solution. You …

Time to Change the Rules of Engagement

Approaching our borders means you want to kill us. Our laws, the Torah, the Ten Commandments, all that Judaism and Christianity are based on, demands that we protect ourselves. That we kill in order to stop them from murdering us.

Change the rules of engagement now.

Stepping Closer to the Edge

Live, Israel – it is and always has been, the only answer. No matter how close we step to the edge, the army and God above us remain our guardians. For now, we wait on the edge hoping that this time we will be able to back away rather than descend into yet another war.

Why Ultra-Orthodox Jews Should be Drafted

. Two months ago, I began a post called Yesterday’s Anger. As part of that article, I uploaded a picture of a Haredi man who did a despicable thing – he is guilty of sinat chinam (which is translated as “baseless hatred”). There are those who condemn the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) …

Drafting the Jews

The issue of drafting yeshiva bochurs is upon us yet again, for the umpteenth time, which is really just a green-light excuse and field day for all and sundry predisposed to trash “them” – the Charedim. Ain’t nothin’ like whipping up a little more sin’at achim right before we all …