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22 Affirmations from The holy Yanuka

A member of the Lev Emunah Therapy course given by Rav Rachamim Bitton, I share the following message from him: From the esteemed Yanuka, Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Be’eri Shlita: “Anyone who contemplates these 22 principles daily will merit witnessing salvation and profound positive changes in all aspects of soul, consciousness, and …

Israeli Defense Know How

They come from all over the world; police experts, military leaders, high tech experts and weapons experts. They come to learn. You have a problem with tunnels being dug into your country and drugs and humans being sold? We have a solution. Rockets, chemical warfare? We have a solution. You …

It’s [Not] the Economy, Stupid; It’s the [Arab & Islamist Supremacist] Ideology

If we want to stop the violence, then making Hamas and its acolytes richer and enabling them to import more weapons will not serve that purpose. No more so than making the Nazis and their supporters in Germany richer would have made Germany less violent. The core of this conflict is, and has always been, ideological.