22 Affirmations from The holy Yanuka

22 Affirmations from The holy Yanuka

A member of the Lev Emunah Therapy course given by Rav Rachamim Bitton, I share the following message from him:

From the esteemed Yanuka, Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Be’eri Shlita: “Anyone who contemplates these 22 principles daily will merit witnessing salvation and profound positive changes in all aspects of soul, consciousness, and life. Those in need of salvation, by consistently reciting them for 40 days, have the potential to invoke Divine compassion and expedite their salvation, God willing, on behalf of all of Israel.

Uncovering Our Natural Emunah and Inner Peace

In these challenging times, the Yanuka has provided a beacon of guidance, emphasizing the transformative power of daily meditation on these 22 pivotal points. These teachings lead to a profound positive shift in consciousness and heal our connection to HaShem’s revealed kindness. Drawing inspiration from this, I’ve translated and crafted these teachings into practical affirmations. the Yanuka explained that contemplating these daily, especially for 40 consecutive days and longer, can immensely increase our alignment with Hashem’s revealed compassion and change our reality.

(א׳ל ש׳די י׳תן ל׳כם ר׳חמים= ר״ת ישראל. עיין ליקוטי מוהר״ן תנינא תורה סב׳)

For your convenience, one of our devoted Lev Emunah team members has prepared these affirmations as a guided meditation video. The ease of just clicking on the link and immersing yourself daily increases our connection and inspiration, leading us to enjoy going deeper.

Our goal? To help each of us dissolve doubts and fears, uncovering the inherent Emunah and Bitachon always present within. Let’s reconnect to that deep-seated peace, that innate feeling of security and divine protection.

Embark on this 40-day journey with us. Click, save, immerse daily, and perhaps share with others you care for. Together, we can illuminate our souls with faith, unity, and serenity.

אמונה, אחדות, בטחון, שלוםברוך אתה ה׳ המברך את עמו ישרא״ל בשלום אמן

CLICK ON https://youtu.be/PfH-4Rrpe2o?si=0welF9FzQX4-7lAp

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