WJC Asks Who are the Gaza Protesters?

WJC Asks Who are the Gaza Protesters?

Protesters? Rioters? Terrorists? Or innocent people just wanting to make a point?

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               Credit to ILTV Broadcast

The World Jewish Congress has created a video entitled, “Who are the Gaza protesters? The answer may surprise you (or not)”. The conclusion: at least 50 of the protesters killed during the rioting on May 14, were Hamas operatives.Well, the Editing Team of Israel Bloggers is not surprised but perhaps much of the world will be. In this short but very important clip, Dr. Salah Albardawil, a senior Hamas official confirms what we suspected from the start.

                Credit: ILTV Broadcast

This certainly should have an impact on all those say that innocents were killed, that worry about the families of these terrorists rather than the families of those they planned to target. No, the protest was not about the US government moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Perhaps, perhaps, Bette Midler should stop watching CNN and listen to the World Jewish Congress.

In fact, all she has to do is listen to Hamas themselves. Even they admit these were carefully targeted Hamas operatives inciting others in a violent crowd of 40,000 people. All she had to do is listen to the words of an Israeli soldier who was there. All she had to do, was listen.Bette Midler

So, Who are the Gaza Protesters?


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