Is Conan Thinking of Enlisting in the Israeli Army?

Is Conan Thinking of Enlisting in the Israeli Army?

With all that’s been happening, it’s clearly time for another Conan in Israel video. Much in the news is the Israeli army. While reading the news today, I remembered this clip and went looking for it. I’m so happy I found it. It shows what would happen if Conan O’Brian started thinking about enlisting in the army.

He’s there with several female soldiers for a short bit of training. At least that’s the idea. What happens next is nothing short of hilarious!Enlisting or Not

At the same time, each exercise shows how hard these young women, and tens of thousands of other young men and women, work to keep in shape. But more, it shows the warmth and humor – both Conan’s and those of these young women.

What I love about this clip is that not only is Conan having fun, not only are the young women having fun, but those who watch it get to smile. In a crazy world where rockets are fired at our citizens; where international celebrities determine guilt by the body count and not the right of it all, this is a welcome opportunity to laugh.

Conan Considers Joining the Israeli Army

And quickly finds out that he’s probably not going to make the cut…

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