The Truth According to Sarah Tuttle-Singer

The Truth According to Sarah Tuttle-Singer

Sarah Tuttle-Singer is a journalist (though the Times of Israel refused to publish one of my posts a long while back because I dared to use the term “journalist” and not “blogger”). Her own Facebook pages will tell you this, and no, I’m not expecting nor do I want The Times of Israel to admit their bias and abuse.

What I do want to do is write about truth. Truth and perhaps in this case more importantly, the abuse of truth. Truth is something very precious and it is also one of the first victims used and abused by journalists with an agenda.

One “trick” that truth-abusers often employ is to present two “sides” of an image and declare them equal. They blew up a bus (how despicable) and a few people on the other side screamed “death to Arabs” (how racist) as security and medical personnel were evacuating the wounded, covering the dead bodies, comforting those in shock. Balance.

Is blowing up a bus the moral equivalent of shouting something racist? Are there no levels of wrong? They fired a rocket into Israel, aimed at tens of thousands of civilians. We targeted the rocket launcher…they shot, we shot…a balance? Move on? Really? How is firing at civilians the same as taking out the rocket launcher? How immoral this is, to attempt to suggest a moral equivalency. This trick is often employed by the left and so follows just one example of how Ms. Tuttle-Singer abuses truth and ignores the levels of “wrongs” (this comes from a recent Facebook post that has gotten many comments).

A few weeks ago, in a violent demonstration in which Arab protesters were hurling rocks at soldiers, soldiers opened fire, using rubber bullets meant to drive the protesters back. One young Arab was hit in the head with a RUBBER bullet. Arab medics quickly whisked him away, declared he was in a coma…and suddenly found him well as soon as there were inquiries about his health.

Shortly after the altercation with the young Arab (whose name was Muhammed Tamimi), his 18-year-old cousin Ahed, approached two soldiers and began hitting and kicking them. She was not deemed much of a threat and so the soldiers merely watched her while yet another violent cousin also attacked the soldiers in between videotaping Ahed. The soldiers’ tremendous restraint brought them praise from those who think it commendable to allow our sons to be beaten and abused, ridicule and laughter from the Arabs and others.

Ahed then got what she wanted. Attention. A lot of attention. And the pity of the leftists who called her a child (the very same people who believe 18-year-olds are old enough to drink, smoke pot, and choose whether or not they should be drafted). Ahed has been arrested and charges will be filed against her. She suggests that she might be or become a martyr…here’s hoping (and no, writing “here’s hoping” about a young woman who regularly harasses and violently attacks soldiers is not the moral equivalent of Ahed’s calling for more suicide bombers and praising the murders of Jewish children).

But this is where a leading journalist who works for The Times of Israel (as their New Media Editor…unless that’s changed recently), posted her “truths”. She claims that she posts them for the greater good of exposing truth. “In the era of fake news” she tells us, it is time to “talk about what’s true.” Only she doesn’t.

Her truth (with not much punctuation) includes:

Lie # 1: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “the Tamimi family lives under occupation“: No, actually, they don’t. They live in a village which is largely controlled by the Palestinian Authority. At best, you can call the land “disputed territory” as it was part of the Ottoman Empire, taken over by the British, captured in a war of aggression by the Jordanians in 1948 and lost to Israel in another war that Jordan waged against Israel in 1967.

Lie# 2: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “Occupation is good for no one.” Not true. Some examples: infant mortality rates are lower among Arabs living in Judea and Samaria than anywhere in the Arab world except for Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Wages are higher. Schools are better. Health-care far outshines what is available elsewhere. Who is this woman to write that the “occupation is good for no one.” First, there is no occupation – see above point; secondly, Palestinians who work with Israelis do quite well. We have Palestinians working in our city…trust me, they earn a much higher wage and are grateful for the work.

Truth # 1:  Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “The Tamimi family calls for murdering Jews.” Yes, they do. In fact, Ahed Tamimi (referred to by Israelis as Shirley Temper, calls for stabbings and martyrdom operations (a.k.a. suicide bombings)

Truth # 2: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “The Tamimi family celebrated the murder of a little girl in her bedroom.” Indeed they did. Hallel Yaffa Ariel…just 13 when she was brutally murdered in her bedroom.

Lie #3: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “Ahed Tamimi is 16 years old.” Nope. She’s 18 and this is at least the second time she has physically provoked and assaulted Israeli soldiers. The first time, she got away with it. Sarah then writes about what she was doing when she was 18…I won’t comment on that.

Omission #1: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “Ahed Tamimi’s cousin was shot in the head.”  Well, he was, that’s true but sometimes truth is all in what isn’t written. Muhammed Tamimi was indeed shot in the head by Israeli soldiers. It should be noted that he was shot with a RUBBER bullet and that Muhammed, like his vicious cousin, was taking part in violent demonstrations and hurling rocks at the soldiers, who, after giving ample warning, opened fire…rubber bullets…violent demonstrations. Not much of a journalist if she can’t accurately report the facts.

Omission # 2: Sarah Tuttle-Singer writes that “Ahed’s other cousin blew up Sbarro.” Well, this one isn’t just an “oops, did I forget to mention that” moment, but a major abuse of truth. Ahlam Tamimi, another of that wretched Ahed Tamimi’s cousins, didn’t blow up the Sbarro pizzeria. That would be the “man” she handled. Ahlam (may her name be cursed) was the mastermind behind the attack. She scouted and chose the location. Fifteen people, including eight children were massacred and about one hundred and thirty people were wounded in that terror attack. Ahlam Tamimi planned it all out, she escorted the murderer. Why there? By her own testimony, we know that she chose the place because she knew there would be families there with young children.

Omission # 3: Dear Sarah Tuttle-Singer didn’t write about Said and Nazir Tamimi – two more cousins. They ambushed Chaim Mizrahi, who had entered an Arab village to buy eggs. They stabbed him and then burned him alive. Sarah also forgot to mention an interesting tidbit about in-breeding. See, Ahlam married Nazir, but I guess if Sarah had thought of it, she might have added that Ahlam was lucky because she didn’t have to change her monogrammed towels. Yes, that clearly would be the main news story there.

Truth # 3 and Omission #4: Sarah writes that when she was 16 (oops…she should have written about when she was 18 or 19), she was “worried about my history test, not whether my house would be demolished.” I have little doubt that Sarah thought little of house demolitions but then again, I would assume her father wasn’t arrested repeatedly and jailed for violent attacks. I assume three of her cousins aren’t murderers. I assume her mother never lifted a hand in front of her to attack someone else.

Sarah’s Truth #3: “Soldiers shouldn’t be in Ahed’s house in the first place.” I find it amazing that Sarah, who has been in Israel for all of 5 years (less all the trips she takes abroad), is an expert of defense and military strategy. I didn’t know that. So, by her own words she admits that the family regularly incites others to violence (that’s what calling for the murder of Jews is); regularly supports and praises terrorists (that’s what praising the cold-blooded murder of Hallel is), and includes one (well, actually it includes at least three but Sarah only confessed to one) terrorist and yet she feels Israel should not be watching these people?

And for the final two comments…

Sarah’s manipulation #1: (It’s actually more than # 1 because this whole post is an attempt at manipulation). Sarah writes, “If soldiers were in my home, I don’t know how I would react but I sure as hell wouldn’t offer them tea.” Well, that says volumes about Sarah as an Israeli because most Israelis would readily open their homes in minutes to a soldier, offer them tea, sweets, and any food that was ready. I’ve had many soldiers in my home over the last 11 years, each was welcomed with food and drinks. By the way, I’ve had Palestinians in my home as well – and they too were welcomed with home-baked cookies, the strongest coffee I could offer and whatever else I could serve.

After having gone through the above litany, Sarah Tuttle-Singer then attempts to do what she really does quite well, use poetic phrasing to blur the lines, to balance the imbalances.

“There are no easy answers”, Sarah begins. Well, actually, sometimes there are. Not everything is as complicated as Sarah would like you to believe.

“There are no heroes and no villains”, she writes. What hogwash. Of course, there are heroes and of course there are villains and really, it is pretty simple to tell them apart. Here, I’ll help.

The Arabs that went into the Fogel home and the Ariel home and the Solomon home and so many others…the ones who butchered and stabbed, shot and murdered. These are the villains. Ahlam Tamimi is a villain, as are her cousins.

And the heroes? They are the ones who rush in to stop the bloodshed, risk their lives under fire to reach and help the victims. No heroes? No villains? Really, Sarah. You aren’t stupid…so why would you write something so absurd?

Are we done? Could this get any sicker? Yes, sadly it can. You can almost hear Sarah sighing dramatically as she continues. No capitalization needed, no periods to let you breathe… “just a struggle, just exhaustion, just a status quo that needs to end.”

The world, writes Sarah, “is not black and white”. Here come the violins…do you hear them?

“It’s all the colors – blue like the sky, grey like rain, red like blood and green like grass.”

Okay, so now we know some of the colors of the world and where we can find them.

I’m thankful she didn’t go into fuchsia, lilac, burnt orange, emerald green or this post would never end. Rainbows are certainly lovely when it rains from the blue sky on the green grass but what does any of this have to do with talking about truth? Where is the truth in this? The truth is that Ahem Tamimi is a victim of child abuse; like a young puppy turned vicious, she has grown up in a culture of hatred that has poisoned her. She is violent, abusive and twisted. Like her cousin Ahlam, who smiles because she thought she only murdered three children in Sbarro but was pleased to find out she had murdered eight.

I’d love to see how Sarah Tuttle-Singer would spin this video…


  1. I was just about to hit ‘post’ when the power went out. Probably divine intervention. Just to say how much this post resonated with me – I’m an Israelophile, a supporter of the Zionist dream, insofar as a goy can be and something of a refugee from the sinistral lean that ToI has acquired – I fnd myself with not a lot to say any more that would be of interest to their audience and the whole social media presence has caused a seismic shift in how ideas are communicated. Can’t help but wonder if the demographic has shifted a little bit – if I wanted to read leftist stuff I’d’ve subscribed to Haaretz. It’s kinda nice to be here.

  2. Richard Skeen

    Perfectly articulated. I like Sarah, though don’t always agree with her (like on this one). As a parent trying to raise Progressive Zionist kids in Diaspora (with some success), much of the hypocrisy and lazy morality you address here is our everyday challenge. The Tamimi family is abhorrent; even worse is the far Left’s willingness to be used by them. A well-know Reconstructionist “rabbi” Brian Walt helped sponsor Basaam (the father) Tamimi in a school tour int eh US to 3rd graders! Created huge pushback and he was deported …It also was the reason my family cut ties with that denomination. Thanks for writing this.

  3. Daniel F Katz


    While Israel has been infiltrated by missionary evangelical Christians defiling our Jewish ancestral homeland determined to convert Jews to their pagan idolatrous filth you facilitate their dishonest philo Semitism.

    You’re an embarrassment to yourself but that’s okay. Many of us expect nothing less from you after desecrating the holiness of Pesach with your Disney World version of bull shit liberal “Judaism”.

    Your support of Israel, as admirable as it is after only being a short time immigrant, is an insult to all Israelis whose lives are at risk by your support of enemy Arabs who want us all dead while condemning brave IDF personnel.

    Go live with them if you love them so much.

    1. John Mac

      I suppose that would be me, then, being fairly philosemitic since if it weren’t for you guys, us guys wouldn’t be here. But, hey, Dan – no plans to try to convert you or anybody else with ‘pagan, idolatrous filth’ – what a really helpful phrase. Next time I’m in town we could blow the froth off a cold Goldstar together. Beats trying to kill me, doesn’t it?

  4. Dina Grossman

    I have heard that the cousin wasn’t shot in the head with anything … my source (sorry I can’t find it) says he was shot in the leg with the rubber bullet … and fell, which is why his head got smashed on one side.

      1. Alan Lieberman

        I used to enjoy, and still do, enjoy her writing about daily life in Israel. However, she has definitely fallen off the left side of the world. Her latest pieces make her sound like all of the bleeding Heart leftists. And, for the record, I am not on the far right. I am a moderate “John Kennedy” democrat who has no place for the far left or far right. I am very disappointed in Sarah.

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