The Temple Mount Massacre

The Temple Mount Massacre

Two border policemen, Ha’il Satawi from Maghar and Kamil Shanan from Hurfeish, were killed in cold blood by a group of three terrorists. The Israeli Police responded by closing the Al-Aqsa mosque for Friday prayers, and  for all visitors until further notice while they check the site for weapons. There is a possibility that these terrorists used weapons that were stored on the site, although it is not certain.

Whether the weapons were hidden at the mosque, or whether they were brought in by the killers for this event, they will have to explain to Allah why they violated the sanctity of their holy site by bringing in weapons and using them there.

This is not the act of people who follow a “religion of peace. The people who desecrated a holy place by doing this are only interested in throwing gasoline on the fire in order to start another intefada.

The anger that I feel is even greater because this type of event brings out the radicals on both sides. When the police decided to close the Temple Mount for the safety and security of everyone, the grand mufti of Jerusalem instructed Moslems from all over to come and force their way in.. And the extremist Israelis will use this as another reason why the Arabs have to be removed from the Temple Mount, from Jerusalem, and from Israel entirely.

I am angry because of what these attacks do to us – turning us all towards radicalism.

Ha’il Satawi, 30 years old, enlisted as a patrol officer in the Border Police’s Temple Mount Unit in 2012. He is survived by his wife, three-weeks-old son, parents and three siblings.

Kamil Shnaan, aged 22, started serving as a patrol officer in the Border Police’s Temple Mount Unit in December 2016. He was the son of former Member of Knesset. Shachiv Shnaan. He is survived by his parents, one brother and three sisters.

Injured in the attack was an additional Border Police Officer (in light to moderate condition) and a MDA Paramedic (in light condition).


  1. Richard Parker

    I hate it when things like this happens. There is never going to be peace when there are attacks like this all the time.
    What’s funny in a sad way is that the police that were killed were also arabs.

    Praying for the peace in Jerusalem

  2. Barry Abish

    Dear Rabbi,

    This is a great article abut an incredibly tragic event. I find it hard to believe that Israel does not come down hard on the terrorists and their families.

    Keep strong.

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