When OMG No…Is the Only Answer

When OMG No…Is the Only Answer

A few days ago, Israel did something rather routine. It discovered a terror tunnel that had been dug from inside Gaza to inside Israel. It blew the tunnel to smithereens. Apparently, there were men working inside and they were killed. Oops.

Logically, if someone is breaking the law and digging a secret tunnel that will be used to launch a terror attack…most likely against civilians, they themselves carry the guilt of that act. It wasn’t Israel’s intention to kill anyone but we’re honestly not going to apologize for blowing up the tunnel…well, at least we shouldn’t be apologizing. A very kind, “oops, guess you guys shouldn’t be digging those tunnels,” is certainly the only humanitarian gesture Hamas deserves.

The problem is, that right after the explosion. more Hamas terrorists ran into the tunnel trying to save their colleagues who were, in all likelihood, already dead. And then, apparently, the tunnel which already had explosives inside, exploded again, killing those who went in – total 14 dead terrorists and a very furious Hamas leadership. The funny thing is, like little children who had their toy taken away, Hamas turned around to condemn Israel. How DARE we blow up a tunnel located INSIDE Israel.  Israel and says our act was unprovoked.

Um…you guys dug a tunnel into our land – that was, at very least, a provocation. Score – 1 – 0 in our favor.

So, Hamas decided it needed to dig up and bury the buried tunnel diggers but they can’t get access to the bodies from their side, so they want Israel to let them into our country and give them access to dig up their friends. Um…no.

An Open Letter to Hamas

Dear Hamas.
No. We mean NO. We mean, OMG, NO.
You want your dead “soldiers” back? So the hell do we. So here’s the deal. You release the bodies of:
  • Lt. Hadar Goldin
  • Sgt. Oron Shaul
  • Zechariah Baumel
  • Tzvi Feldman
  • Yehuda Katz
  • Ron Arad

And release Abera Mengistu, who is alive and being held in Gaza…

And then, yes, we’ll let you go a’digging. Now, I understand that you don’t have the remains of all of the above soldiers but just as you and other terrorists demanded the release of prisoners from other places, we demand our soldiers be released from other Arab lands. So, get to work, find our soldiers and deliver them to Israel…and then…ONLY then…will we let you start trying to find the bodies of your friends.

Until then, the answer to your absurd request for a humanitarian gesture from Israel is “OMG No.”



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