Enough with the Peace Process

Enough with the Peace Process

For more information and to support this amazing organization, please see Boomerang Fighting for Israel

They promised us if we withdrew from Lebanon; there would be peace. We did; they lied.

They promised us if we withdrew from Gaza; there would be moves towards peace. We did;they lied.

Again and again, this has been the inevitable pattern. We have offered; we have withdrawn. We have given; we have moved forward. In each case, we have received only violence in return. Rockets. Terror attacks. Bombs on our buses and in our restaurants. Our civilians attacked. Again and again. Enough with the “peace” process which never brings peace. Enough with surrender and withdraw tactics that weaken us and strengthen them. Boomerang Fighting For Israel writes, “Every time they promise Israel “peace”, we get TERROR – enough!”

An amazing video – please share it with others. Peace comes when both sides want to end the violence more than they want to sustain it.


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