Coming Home?

Coming Home?

I read an “In your opinion what’s the hardest part of moving to Israel?” question on Facebook, and replied “Failing to prepare for the relocation to a new country with its own language, customs and realities. People arrive here as if they floated away in a hot air balloon from the Kansas State fair. You’re NOT in Kansas anymore, olim and Dorothy. You’re in the Middle East with a smattering of socialism, communism, PTSD everywhere you look, and some of the most charming, warm, wonderful people aka angels on earth. Israel is a JEWISH state, with European door handles and bathrooms, bodegas that are quite different from those in NY, plus Torah laws that apply to our food supplies (Shmitta years included!) and commercial endeavors.

Learn Hebrew, develop a willingness to be flexible, understand that your entire bureaucratic life, which developed gradually as you grew up from childhood, must now be accomplished in a year or less, and know that you have to learn our transportation system, hiring practices, plus Israel’s healthcare, disability and pension laws, to name just a few life lessons coming at you.”

The message seemed daunting to some readers, and yet others heartily agreed with it.

There are several reasons that I’m sharing my above thoughts via Israelblogger with you:

  • The USA is still recovering from a panic attack regarding North Korea’s recent nuclear threat to the island of Guam (I referenced a similar scenario from other muslims and their sympathizers in my LEGACY espionage novels, copyrighted in 1995. I took the books off the market before the 3rd part of the trilogy was published. I wanted to be wrong about my plotline.). Part of the recovery from intense fear will inevitably include aliya efforts. Americans heading to the Holy Land would be smart to heed my remarks above.


  • This frightfest isn’t finished and neither is Kim. More lousy news: Global jihad against Jews and Israel recently happened in Charlottesville, and began long before that in muslim-infiltrated Europe (name the city!). That muslim migration is a Trojan Horse from the Alps to the Caucus, Carpathian and Ural Mountains, the Aegean, Black, Caspian, Dardanelles and Kara seas plus other waterways, and all the lowlands in between. It’s pitting christians versus muslims, engendering a “Payback time” discussion of unique proportions.

Whether or not you regard this as Heavenly payback for the muslim-assisted Holocaust across Europe is irrelevant. Kim, Iran, China and Muslims make strange ideological bedfellows. They only have one thing in common: None of the power-mongers like Jews.

The need to flee for your lives is a topic filling conversations and minds around the world. If the conversationalists outside the USA consider moving to Israel, too, they also need to heed the above advice.

  • Headlines herald long-ago prophecies that the world would gang up on the Jewish nation. Go ahead, study Navi, the prophets of Judaism. The texts will bear me out. The WW3 that seems to be looming is a spiritual consequence of personal and collective Jewish history. If you wish, read some contemporary materials about all that via

We’re in emotionally draining times. Breathe slowly and deeply on purpose. Brace yourselves for impact, and network with people you trust. If you’re considering a move to Israel, you’ll help yourself by being prepared for the changes coming at you.


One more thing: The Real Reason for this blogpost: I want to let you know that the melting pot of Israel is a marvelous mixture of spiritual magic. You’ll experience highs and lows (we have some nasty people around here. Connect with the better ones who can guide you past them, let alone soothe your psyches), boredom and excitement, spiritual insights and lovely scenery. The food is a treat! Flavors galore. Come home. We miss you. And we’re ready to share the Israel Experience with you.

PS – Try moving a lot when you’re in ulpan, listening to Hebrew-language videos, radio or TV (honest, they can help you to pick up the vocabulary!).  Exercise Can Help You to Learn a New Language

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  1. Netivotgirl

    What a fantastic post, Yocheved! You write superbly, using your pen like a scalpel so that what remains is the pure essence of what you wish to express without a redundant word! Additionally, I agree with everything that you wrote here. It is past time that our brethren abroad join us here at our divine ancestral home because nothing on the horizon bodes for good for those who remain abroad. Bravo!!

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