A Letter to King Abdullah of Jordan

A Letter to King Abdullah of Jordan

Your Excellency, As-Salaamu-Alaikum :
I bring you greetings from Maale Adumim, Israel. (Yes, the very land that you occupied from 1948-1967, until Israel liberated it. The very same location, where I can look out my window and look at your capital, Amman, any time of day or night.)

In any case, I am writing to you, Your Highness, about an urgent matter that I am sure you would like to help me with. (Sorry for the dangling participle, but when I am upset that tends to happen). You see, a few days ago, there was a TERRIBLE attempt to disrupt the so-called status quo on the Temple Mount here in Israel. (That is the place to which you all face your posteriors as you bow to Mecca). I am incensed at the brazen and flagrant attempt to disrupt the status quo! After all, we have understandings between our countries, that what happens on the Temple Mount needs to remain static, with no changes; hence the fancy Latin “status quo.”

I think that you, as the King of Jordan, you–personally–must stand up against the violation of the status quo and declare clearly in English, Hebrew and Arabic: You condemn the attempts to affect the current status on the Temple Mount. Any such move will be seen as an affront to all and you, as keeper of the sacred location (well, sacred to the JEWISH PEOPLE, at least) must protest this action.


Oh, wait..silly me. You thought I meant the installation of metal detectors?

Wait, you think that Jews who want to protect themselves from those who come up to the (JEWISH) holy site to murder them is a violation of the status quo? THAT is the violation? But, the murder of two Israeli police officers is not such a violation? If you believed that this location was holy to YOU, as well, don’t you think that your indignation should be directed to those who violated that holiness? Metal detectors are a violation of the status quo? Well, if Jews protecting themselves goes beyond your vision of “status quo” then yes, it is a violation.

Your Excellency: The status quo until now has been that you would tolerate the murder of Jews on this holy site. That is not status quo…that is “business as usual.” It is time to put the would-be murderers out of business!

I wish you continued success in your rule over the Kingdom of Jordan. How about we just make a little deal: You handle Jordan and we will handle the Temple Mount? We will take steps to ensure the safety of our citizens, and you can do the same there.


  1. Yehudit

    Perhaps he considers Arabs murdering people on the Temple Mount part of the status quo since his grandfather was assassinated in the Al Aqsa mosque back in 1951 You;ve got a pretty good idea of what they think a status quo ought to look like from how they ran things during the 19 years they’d grabbed control of East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

  2. Chana

    Unfortunately the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which was given as a gift to the present Abdullah’s great-grandfather Abdullah, an Arabian Shiekh has Arab countries down his throat. Sure the status quo is important, but what exactly is the status quo and from when is there such a thing? Why would Abdullah be concerned about the murder of Israeli policemen, after all they — weren’t Arabs — had they been perhaps the status quo would have been broken, or not. The so called ‘palestinians’ are those who disagree with putting up the cameras, but since Israel is a sovereign self administrating country with Jerusalem as its capital, all those complaining can go jump in a lake to cool off. Israeli security is of highest importance, no matter how many threats of murder the terrorists make.

    1. jmsrbs

      Actually, Chana, the two policemen WERE Arabs. They were Druze. So they may not have been Moslem, but they were Arabs. I guess to the murderers being Druze is bad enough to kill them.

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