We WILL Remember!

We WILL Remember!

Barack Obama claimed that he was the “best friend Israel ever had in the White House..”

So in the waning days of his presidency, he performed the following acts of freindship:

  1. He failed to veto a UNSC resolution, which will have severe repercussions on the international stage.
  2. He sent the Palestinian Authority $221 million dollars (most of which would have been co-opted by Hamas for their terrorism operations).
  3. He appointed Ben Rhodes to the Board of Directors of the US Holocaust Museum.

The first issue is has been written about by many people, and I am not going to rehash it at  this point.

The new Trump administration is dealing with the second issue. Donald Trump has frozen the transfer.

The third issue is a problem. Ben Rhodes served as Deputy National Security Advisor to Obama (even though the FBI did not clear him for access to the sensitive materials he had access to). He was the one who sold the American public on the deal with Iran. He happily bragged about how he lied to the media about the Obama-Iran “negotiations”. It would appear that Mr. Rhodes has no moral compass whatsoever. To appoint him to the Holocaust Museum is an act of spitting in the face of each and every American citizen  and each and every survivor, and spitting on the memory of each and every victim.

On this day, the world remembers the Holocaust. Pretty soon, if Ben Rhodes follows his usual patterns, he will convince the world that the victims were all to blame.

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