Drafting the Jews

Drafting the Jews

The issue of drafting yeshiva bochurs is upon us yet again, for the umpteenth time, which is really just a green-light excuse and field day for all and sundry predisposed to trash “them” – the Charedim.

Ain’t nothin’ like whipping up a little more sin’at achim right before we all stand trial before THE Supreme Judge on Yom HaDin… Wow, just in time!

Of course, in order to trash and bash there has to be a “Them” (versus “Us”). This is not to be confused with civil disagreements, since there are 70 Panim of Torah. As everyone knows and says here in Aretz, Where there are 2 Jews, you have 3 opinions. There’s respectful and accepting disagreeing, and then there’s trashing and bashing (the likes of King Ahab Lapid and his evil Queen Isabelle Lehi).

Since we are right before Rosh HaShana, it may be wise to solve for X and replace the gunpowder loaded formula “Drafting the Charedim” with what the Charedim are after all – Jews – which morphs the equation into “Drafting the Jews”. Among Am Yisrael we are only “Us”.

Both the bashing and bashed think the other guy is totally wrong, just as each think he’s protecting his nation equally if not more.

A Klal Gadol, a great rule of Torah is Love your neighbor as yourself. We shouldn’t be wishing things on other MOT children that we wouldn’t want on our own.

Achai veReyai, let’s not allow this to fuel any more sin’at achim.

Shana Tova!


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