Christian PIECE Plan of Israel

Christian PIECE Plan of Israel

Most Israelis – most Jews! – do not cotton to the very real and mammoth danger missionaries pose. To be sure, they are after, not only our Jewish souls, but also our land – Eretz Yisrael.

Sherri Waller, wife of Tommy Waller and cofounder of the Har Bracha-based missionary group HaYovel, was quoted in January 7, 2009 “Williamson Herald” saying –

“The battle is over the land [of Israel], because God gave it to the descendants of Abraham – that includes us.”
They are coming to Israel, among other related reasons, to claim their self-proclaimed inheritance of the Land of Israel. And the fact that they were able to take over the entire West Hill of Har Bracha and set up their HaYovel compound, proves they are serious – dead serious.

Pride of their conquest over Jewish land in the Land of Israel can be perceived even from a recent invite of other missionaries to Israel. Adat yeshua messianic congregation announced it is coming to Israel, and as part of their tour, they will spend time with hayovel in what they call “christian vineyards in kibbutz Har Bracha”! (

The problem, however, is hardly only in the Har Bracha area, but all over Israel. With their warped “supersessionism” or “replacement theology”, the church has self-anointed its idolatrous followers (the yishke, i.e. J-god, worshippers) as replacing the Nation of Israel in God’s plan, and thus have self-proclaimed themselves the new chosen people. Therefore, they see all of the Land of Israel as their rightful inheritance.

Hashem’s Thought of Creation is His eternal Plan of His creation. Hashem is not a fickle God, chas veshalom, as the Christians make Him out to be – tossing out the original Chosen People for another mid-way. NO! The warped Christian theology since its inception is fraudulent and has only converted the masses by such sword-point fraud and mass-slaughter and torture.

Today they are wolves dressed as friendly sheep. Like their Arab counterpart, they strive to take Eretz Yisrael piece-by-piece, by way of phony shows of “peace” and friendship.

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