And the World Was Silent; Until…

And the World Was Silent; Until…

In the past few years, Syria has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of its citizens. And the world has remained mostly silent.

In Myanmar, there has been a systematic process of ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya. And the world has remained mostly silent.

Tamil minorities are being slaughtered in Sri Lanka. And the world remains mostly silent.

Yazidi are being ethnically cleansed by ISIS and others. And the world remains mostly silent.

Libya has been actively selling human beings as slaves. And the world remains mostly silent.

This list can be pages and pages long. The bottom line is that with almost every one of these and other crises, catastrophes, murders, etc there is a very limited amount of world outrage and/or action.

Until today……….

President Donald Trump is expected to announce today that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This FACT has been true for more than 3000 years,since the time of aking David. And this is especially true in modern day Israel. The eternal capital of Israel is, indeed, Jerusalem.

But this announcement, this statement by the president has been met with fury, anger, shock, revulsion, saliva-spouting, blood curdling screams and calls for murder. Not just any murder; murder of Jews. How DARE the infidels be given that which is rightfully theirs? How has this heinous (impending) announcement been met? Here are some of the comments:

  • Arab leaders earlier warned against moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, with one saying this would be “a flagrant provocation to Muslims.”
  • “Palestinian” leader Mahmoud Abbas warned “of the dangerous consequences such a decision would have to the peace process and to the peace, security and stability of the region and of the world” (What peace process??)
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned his country could sever ties with Israel if the US recognized Jerusalem as its capital.
  • Ismail Haniya, chief of  Hamas said a shift of the embassy and recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital would cross “every red line.”
  • French President Emmanuel Macron told Trump he was “concerned” and urged him not to take such a step.
  • “It might have serious repercussions on public opinion in large parts of the world,” EU president, Mogherini said in a statement issued to the media on Monday.
  • Various Arab and Islamic groups have declared that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be “Days of Rage.”  They have called for violence and riots throughout Israel and specifically in front of the US Consulate.

And this list can also be much longer. The point is that now that Israel will be told by the United States that they recognize Jerusalem as the official capital, all of these nations and leaders and activist, who have remained mostly silent and indifferent to the slaughter of millions of people, suddenly they are finding their voices. Now, when the sliver of a tiny little Nation is finally being told what they have known all along, the leaders threaten violence, apocalyptic visions abound and leaders from all over condemn and wring their hands. Woe to the infidels! Woe unto the Zionist Entity and the Satan of the West!

Leaders of the world: Where were you when thousands of missiles were raining down on Israel? Where were you when bombs were going off in our buses? Where were you when our citizens were being run over and knifed to death? Did you condemn anything? Did you run to the UN to complain? Did you call for mass days of rage? Nope; because it was Jews being killed and maimed.

Yes, it is only when the Jewish people are recognized or when we are doing that which is just and right, or when Jews (Heaven forfend!) defend themselves…that is when these leaders speak up.

They claim that this announcement will destroy the peace process. Wait, what? The “peace process”? What peace process? You mean that miserable failure known as the Oslo Accords; or is it the Arab Plan; or maybe the Wye Agreements or……..

What peace plan exactly is being destroyed?


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