State of Israel Must Demand Respect

State of Israel Must Demand Respect

The continued refusal of foreign countries and international bodies in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of the State of Israel is because we don’t demand respect. Yes, it’s that simple.

Celebrating 29/11/1947 and Balfour Encourage Disrespect of Israel

Celebrating the “29th of November” and the Balfour Declaration give too much credit to foreign bodies for the establishment and existence of the State of Israel. By thanking and crediting them, we’ve given them defacto “ownership” over the State of Israel.

Neither of these events happened on its own. They were both results of the revolutionary efforts of reborn Jewish Nationalism aka Zionism. And if it weren’t for the efforts of Zionist leaders all over the world and the dedicated Zionists who made aliyah and struggled on the ground to establish Jewish communities, farms, businesses in our ancient Biblical Homeland, then Balfour never would have written that short historic letter, and the United Nations General Assembly wouldn’t have ever discussed and voted for recognition of a Jewish State anyplace in the world.

All the thanks and praise should be going to those brave, daring and hearty Jewish visionaries, the pioneers, the chalutzim, who brought life back to our precious Land after two thousand years of desertion. Look at the word “desertion.”


In it is the word “desert.” And the verb is to “desert,” which means to make something a “desert.”

Even after the exile and expulsion, Jews have always lived in the Land of Israel and especially Jerusalem. Yearning for the Holy City is in the center of Jewish Prayers.

Today, over a hundred years after the beginning of the Zionist Movement, the movement of Jews to return to our historic homeland, that desert has changed into a rich fertile country.

For three thousand years, the capital of the Jewish Nation, the center of our spiritual and political peoplehood has been Jerusalem. No other people can say that. We Jews can prove it.

Is there any other country in the world for which foreign countries and international bodies refuse to recognize its Capital City? Can you list a few, please?

Where’s our pride? Why do we keep begging for minimal recognition? The State of Israel must take suitable responses against all of the countries that refuse to give our Capital City, Jerusalem its due respect. And it shouldn’t phase us that we’ll be going against every single country in the world. They are just proving their underlying antisemistism guised in all sorts of faux-history and perverse morality.

As I’ve written many times before, the most simple response is to move all Israeli embassies from whatever city the country claims as its capital. Tell them tit for tat. If they refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Jewish and exclusively Israeli, then we don’t recognize the city they call its capital.

The actual existence and survival of the State of Israel and victories in our wars were not because of any help we got from foreign countries.

  • We never had a true ally.
  • We fought our wars unassisted by others.
Gd is our only true ally, and He gave us our Land and Jerusalem forever and evermore.


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