Conan in Israel – Laughs and Truth

Conan in Israel – Laughs and Truth

Almost a year ago, Conan O’Brien came to Israel to…well…I’m not sure what he came for. Without doubt, what he left in his wake were some really funny videos and a lot of people who laughed and smiled.

Below is the first video presents a history of Israel dating back thousands of years. It’s fast. It’s funny. And perhaps most of all, it is definitely Conan O’Brien having fun. So, if you haven’t seen the series, we’re going to share it here because…well, because it’s funny. Conan in Israel

At times, it is even serious.

Sometimes, it gives Israelis a chance to look in as we share Israel with the world. Other times, it’s all about showing others. Given how the world is presenting us in the media, it’s a nice change. So sit back. Be prepared to be entertained. Be prepared to laugh.

In between, please notice the warmth of the people here.

First, take a look around. Quickly, you’ll notice how beautiful Israel is. Clearly, it is different than many other countries. But, Conan will take you along as you visit the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and even some new army buddies.

Conan Comes to Israel

And Israelis are clearly happy to have him come visit…

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