Deportations – just another excuse to bash Israel

Deportations – just another excuse to bash Israel

As Israel is preparing to deport an initial 20000 illegal African infiltrators, one can almost sense the excitement in the air, as many around the world have found another excuse to attack the Jewish state. Demonstrations have been held around the world accusing Israel of being racist and cruel and asking the question how Israel – as a Jewish state – can deport those seeking asylum?

Mainstream media has also got involved, including the New York Times who has published a number of articles, including one titled: How Did Israel Become a Place of No Refuge?

Jewish groups in America as well are protesting, calling it a betrayal of Jewish values. But how is allowing your country to be emotionally blackmailed a Jewish value?

Yet, there’s another side to this story. In south Tel Aviv, Jewish residents are living in fear due to the migrants who have reportedly taken over the area. People no longer feel safe to walk the streets and according to reports, crime has increased dramatically. But you will not see these stories of the Jewish residents who live in fear in any international news media.

Instead it focuses on Israel – as the world is obsessed with everything it does. One would think that Israel deporting illegal migrants is the most dramatic story of the year, but recent statistics released show that in 2015, just some of the following countries deported the following number of people:

– Greece: 104,567
– France: 79,950
– Britain: 70,020
– Germany: 54,080
– Spain: 33,495

Canada raised some concern just a couple of days ago over Israel’s deportation plans, but they deported 15000 people themselves!

And in 2016, Sweden, one of Israel’s most vocal critics, announced plans to deport 80000 people, but I guess that’s okay, because they gave us Abba.

Yet, the greatest number of deportations actually took place in the United States under Barrack Obama – who reportedly deported 400000 people a year in his first seven years of power.

Where were all these Social Justice Warriors then, protesting against Obama and his deportations then? Did they line the streets, have marches to the White House or hold candlelit vigils?

Deportations in Israel

Simply Hypocrisy

There’s a simple word for all of this. It’s hypocrisy. And there’s a simple explanation too. If you protest against a single country only – a country that happened to be Jewish, while ignoring every other country on earth – well… what do you call it?

The reality is that people like to compare Jews who tried to flee Europe to African migrants. But this is a false and misleading interpretation. And it’s insulting too. At that time Jews stood alone in the world. There were no Jewish countries. There was no national homeland. Jews were largely powerless. Quite frankly, they would have gone to any country that accepted them.

Unlike the Jews who had no country, there are 54 fellow African countries. Yes, many are bad, but many are not too. Those Africans who illegally entered Israel had to go through many countries to get to Israel. Just like the Arabs who have fled Syria to Europe, turning it into a nightmare for many citizens, there are over 50 Muslim countries and among them 22 Arab ones.

No country does more towards helping people around the world through irrigation methods, water conservation, environmental technology, life saving medical procedures and many other things than Israel. Yet this idea that Israel has to be the world’s saviour for everything is ridiculous. It is also unfounded and unfair. To expect Israel to absorb Africans when there are so many African countries already is madness.

Israel is a tiny country that is Jewish and needs to remain Jewish under ALL circumstances. Its priority is to its citizens and the Jewish nation as a whole. The consequences of it not doing so will be disastrous for the small Jewish population there and around the world.



  1. Geoff Short

    The level of crime in South Tel Aviv is not an effective argument against those who oppose the deportation. They will simply respond that if the Israeli government dispersed the infiltrators around the country the crime rate in South tel Aviv would fall dramatically.
    The best argument in favour of deportation is that Africans seeking asylum have an entire continent of their own where they can seek it. They have no need to be in Israel which must do all it can to at least preserve, and if possible increase, its Jewish majority.

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