Boomerang Intro to Football Stars Come to Israel

Boomerang Intro to Football Stars Come to Israel

NFL Stars Arrive in Israel
NFL Stars Arrive in Israel

Like football? If you are into American football, this is an exciting time and an exciting video.  Seven top NFL players came to Israel to see, to learn, to understand. Seems like there is so much nonsense reported in the media, so much misinformation. How often do people come to discover the truth? The answer is clearly not often enough so it’s really great that NFL football mega-stars have come to explore.

Most of all, these stars will have much well-deserved fun while they will meet people and learn so much.  Boomerang brings you this quick intro video to let you know they are coming and as soon as the next video is ready, we’ll share it here on Israel Blogger.

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Intro Video of NFL Tour

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