Rabbi Auerbach and the True Judge of Israel

Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach leader of the Jerusalem Faction died last night…at the age of 86. Tens of thousands rallied at Rabbi Auerbach’s funeral. I can only hope in the last moments of his life, he was blessed with enough clarity of mind to do tshuva [repentance]. His followers, numbering in the tens …

The Guilt of NOT Being a Soldier’s Mother

There are so many jokes about Jewish mothers and guilt that I won’t mention them here. I’m very good at feeling guilty because rather than focus on what I did or did not due (the measure of most issues related to guilt), I often think about what I could have …

Jesus in the Children

In a world where children are starving, dying of curable diseases, living in regions without potable water, and subject to man’s cruelty, the Pope should consider his words carefully.

Why are you silent?

Last night, a missile was fired…again…at Israel. Three years ago, the parents of murdered Daniel Turgeman asked the UN Secretary General, “Why are you silent?” Why? Why are you silent when a city of 130,000 people is bombed? When people live in fear waiting for the siren?