The Last Soldier Returns Home

Months ago, the youngest soldier in our family told me he was going to go abroad for the summer. He would work in a camp do some traveling and then come home before the New Year (Rosh Hashana). Regularly, we spoke on the phone but all I really wanted to …

Benny Kashriel Demands an Apology from the Children

UPDATE ON DAY 24: I have heard that the Mayor of Maale Adumim wants an apology from the children, the parents and those who are demanding that he fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education to provide a legally recognized school to over 100 children who remain, more than …

Danger in the Air for American Jewry?

It’s been so long since I’ve been to the States – over 20 years. I was never one of those fly-there-every-summer types – even before my mother and father (z”l) moved here almost 18 years ago. It’s been so long, I can’t tell you if the feeling Jews have in …

Election Results: The Same Idiots?

Moments after the polls closed: the pollsters did it yet again. They made their calculations  and then made the results known. To be honest, all the votes have still not come in but a general direction is there. And…well, the pollsters only made a tiny error. Most said that Kachol …

Clarity Comes With the Dawn

In truth, there is evil in this world. In many forms. With many agendas. Worse, in some ways, are those who partner with evil. Even worse, in some ways, are those who are silent in the face of evil. Tomorrow, we go to the polls to vote for the path Israel will take in the next few years. Among the candidates are those who I believe to be evil, those to who I believe partner with evil and those who are silent or have been silent.

How NOT to Welcome George

With all the anglos in the city, no one thought it important enough to say, “hey, George is coming to the city. We really want to make sign welcoming him. Any chance we could run the text by you?”

A Picture of What Will Never Be Mine

An isolated space such as this would seem ideal. Pristine. Deserted. Peaceful. Green and filled with growth. But as I painted it, my mind shifted to a second set of descriptive words. Private. Alone. Solitary. And in this post, I explain why all of that is the polar opposite of Israel.