Seek the Gray; Lose the Black and White

Seek the Gray; Lose the Black and White

Gray is not typically a color of the rainbow, and yet, it should be. For a moment, try to see the other side. Frankly, it almost doesn’t matter what the other side is…just try to see it. Sometimes, there is good and evil in the world, black and white. Mostly, though, there is gray. In nearly every case and every situation, gray abounds. Stop focusing on the black when there is white; stop focusing on the white when there is black. Better, find the gray. Always, there is gray.

Without question, that’s true here in Israel. Just as to too many, it would be so easy to say that Israel is always right and the Palestinians are always wrong, the same could (and should) be said about those think the Palestinians are always right. Sadly, the unrecognized truth is that both sides have been wrong and both sides have wronged.

Gray in the Middle East

Yes, as an Israeli, as someone who lives here, I do see more “evil” on their side. Certainly, in their leadership, that steals from its people, embezzles millions and leaves their own brothers in poverty. And, in too many mothers and fathers who celebrate violence, even at the cost of sacrificing their own children to suicidal terror. And yes, I believe the Jewish people were given this land and it is ours. But, we have never attempted to make Israel a Jewish land only. There are hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Christians, Bahai and others who call this land home. Ultimately, yes, we have a right to live here, to establish the only Jewish country in the world here in our ancient land. But in doing so, we must also be humane to those who act humanely in return. 
Without hesitation, I will say that this land was never Palestine in the way the Palestinians want to claim. Historically, before it was Israel, it was British-mandated Palestine (an attempt to remove the Ottoman rule that came before). Never was there an independent state. But I digress…often.
So let’s go back. Black and white and gray. Try for a moment to see the other side. I try often to imagine what it would be like to be Palestinian. I’ve met many Palestinians in my 27 years here. There are the Taysirs, who touch my heart and are like brothers to me. There are the Bassims who smile, greet, and help. Mahmoud, Daoud…who even in business were a pleasure to deal with.

Gray in the Anger

And there was the Arab, whose name I never knew, never will. When he came into my home to help build my kitchen, I demanded that he leave. That morning, he chose to wear a shirt with the map of Israel on the front. In the center and to the east, where Jerusalem is located, the image of a knife stabbed into into my holy city. From the knifepoint downwards, a red colored imprint indicating where the blood ran from the wound.
But I said nothing to the man, though in his eyes, I know he saw that I had seen. His message was clear, and so was mine. Seconds later, I went to the contractor, Mahmoud…and I told him he had three minutes to get that man out of my house and off my property and if he took even one minute more, he could take all his workers and get out and never come back. I told him that I wanted peace but no man who dreamed of shedding blood was welcome in my home, where my children played upstairs. I was shaking with anger.
Mahmoud turned around and called the man out of my house. He screamed at him for several minutes outside and then came back inside and told me that man would never come back. And, he never did. Mahmoud and his talented workers finished my kitchen. And each day, I made them coffee every day and gave them cookies or cake. Gray. Not all bad; not all good. Gray.

Now the hard part. Gray…look at the other side. I try to, and I’m asking you to do the same. No, I don’t always succeed, nor will you. In this case, however, sometimes is enough. It’s better than we have now.

Gray in the West

Gray US
If you are a Democrat and believe Joe Biden won, what does it hurt to allow the Republicans to fully investigate and prove you correct? How long did it take Hillary Clinton to concede when there was nothing close to what is happening now? Al Gore? Others?
If you believe that you are right and the Republicans are wrong…let the white and black go, and seek the gray. Your rush to condemn Trump’s efforts make others think you fear that you believe voter tampering will be found, that someone (or ones) committed a crime. And worst of all, if you believe this, it means you seek justice only when it is on your side rather than true justice. If justice is of critical importance, you have nothing to fear in letting others examine what happened on election day. No matter where justice can be found, give it enough time, and it will be. 
If you are Republican, a Trump supporter, you need to see that there are Democrats who care more for justice and democracy than whether Biden wins. It is correct and proper to pursue whether there was election fraud and if there was a concerted effort in several states to defraud the public, all of America loses. So, you too much allow justice time. 

Justice must be served – no matter who is president. There is no victory in stealing an election, not for the Democrats or for the Republicans. Biden should not get away with stealing the Presidency from Trump, nor should Trump be allowed to steal it from Biden. Only one man can win and the truth must be found in the votes that Americans cast on November 3.

Gray in All Directions

In a situation where all seems black and white, seek the gray. After the election, Joe Biden said something very beautiful. In a post election-night interview, he said there are no red states, there are no blue states, there is only the United States. With great hope, I want to believe that he will still say those words of Donald Trump’s allegations prove true; if the election results are not what the media has called them to be.
Ironically, he didn’t say those critically important words four years ago when Donald Trump won. Perhaps irrationally, I hope, Biden will continue with this message. Even if Donald Trump is right and someone (or ones) committed massive voter fraud . In Arizona (votes have already been changed there). Maybe in Pennsylvania (did they continue to accept votes after the deadline?). Perhaps in Georgia, etc. If Donald Trump is right…I hope that Biden will repeat those very words. No red, no blue. Gray. Only the UNITED States of America.
For the rest of us, Democrats and Republicans, be patient and trust the system to work. Let the results be proven, re-counted. Whatever it takes, let’s find a way to give both sides a measure of peace. Then, I pray, you stop seeing red and blue, black and white. Celebrate what may well be the most beautiful color in the world…gray. Always, seek the gray of compromise; the gray of vision.

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