As Dust Settles, Israel Contemplates a Biden Presidency

As Dust Settles, Israel Contemplates a Biden Presidency

As the dust settles, even as many say it is still shifting, Israelis wake up to a new dawn. For many, myself included, the thoughts of what is to come in the next four years is quite unsettling. For four years, we were comforted with the knowledge that we had a friend in the White House. Even, at times, more strong and friendly to Israel than many in the Knesset. Put simply, Donald Trump offered Israel confirmation and trust.

Tired of endless UN condemnations, even those that we would have assumed were denying the undeniable, Trump sent Nikki Haley to attempt to restore sanity. Even her eloquence couldn’t overcome the UN’s hatred and prejudice. But, Israelis didn’t care. Honestly, all that mattered was listening to her strongly accented outrage. Those were the days, my friend. And yes, we thought they’d never end.

Few doubt that a Biden-Harris administration will come close to what Trump-Biden did for Israel and because of Israel. Yes, yes, Biden knows what to say, well, at least he used to. But will he stand for Israel as Trump did? There’s little question that he won’t, that he never has and no reason to assume any change. Without doubt, he’ll return to the overused “let’s pressure Israel” tactic. Because, as we all know, it has traditionally been easier to push Israel then to battle the intransigence of the Palestinians.

A Reality Check

What is needed in Israel now, is not a message for Joe Biden, but rather one for Benjamin Netanyahu. A reminder that a man he respected well, Menachem Begin,  had an important and lasting message for Biden, and that message is one we must re-issue today.

Once the dust settles, once we know the final answer as announced by the electoral college, we must speak. And our message must be very clear, issued very quickly, and quite simply. Ultimately, momentum cannot be ignored.

Gravity, simple gravity, is a reality in politics as well. The power of a downhill run is with us; we have already scaled mountains in the last few years.

Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

Dust Settles in US Elections

More and more, nations are recognizing what Donald Trump so publicly and loudly proclaimed. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel; there the embassies belong.

Just a few days ago, Malawi joined a growing number of countries moving their embassies to the true and eternal capital of Israel. This will continue with or without Biden. Countries of the world recognize the intrinsic value of cooperating with the Jewish State. We send aid when needed; we provide access to affordable irrigation, medical, military and technological wonders.

Peace Efforts Will Continue

And the second mountain we scaled was another one managed and orchestrated by the Trump administration. In truth, the foundation from which that mountain grows, or perhaps the dust that collected to build it, comes from Israel. In reality, it was our efforts over many years to reach out to Arab nations that might have gone unanswered. But for the Trump administration’s efforts. Without question, what the Arab nations needed was a way to “save face”. Silly though it sounds, they needed a way to step forward. To this, Donald Trump stepped forward. It would appear that he “pulled” them to peace, when in reality, they merely needed someone to open a door they desperately wanted opened.

And so, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain stepped forward with several more still moving forward. Personally, I don’t think Biden is going to interfere in trying to flatten either of these mountains; nor do I think he has the power.

Courage to Stand

What Israel needs to do now is find the courage to stand tall and proud. Joe Biden needs to receive a firm message from the Israeli government. Finally, we know what it is to have a friend in Washington. Be our friend. Do what you want or need to do in the United States, but don’t attempt to knock down the mountains Donald Trump helped us scale here.

If in attempting to rewrite or overwrite everything Donald Trump did, your eyes turn our way; we will not pull back. Instead, Benjamin Netanyahu must send a clear message.

Israel will not tolerate American divisiveness to destroy what has been built. Try it and we’ll wait you out. Four years is not such a long time for an eternal state, reborn after 2,000 years. Time does not work against us. The sand (and the dust) will not cover our tracks. If Biden doesn’t show the same support for Israel, a support that has borne fruit repeatedly and decisively here, Israel must stand alone.

A Message to America

Biden’s vision of the Middle East is not one that can lead to peace because it is an old, out-dated one. Aid to the Palestinians often ends up in the hands of terrorists, and showers down on Israel in the form of rockets. Offering them political recognition without demanding civilized accountability and the reining in of violent groups within their society is a recipe for disaster.

Been there, done that. Not going back. Today, tomorrow, next week and next month, that must be Bibi’s answer. Israel is dedicated to making peace and we’ll still be dedicated to that next year and in four years. What is temporary here is not the past or future of Israel, but Joe Biden’s hand in power (again, if the dust settles in that direction).

If Donald Trump is right, Biden’s hand holds nothing. And if that dust does settle in the Biden/Harris direction, they’ve got four years. No one proved how much can change in four years the Middle East more than Donald Trump. Now it’s time for Israel to respond strongly. We like where we are and we plan to continue to grow. Arab nation by Arab nation, we will bring peace to our region. Come with us for the ride, Joe Biden, or we will simply ignore you.

To the US, unequivocally our best friends in the world (likely with India as a very close second, Micronesia’s up there too), we have a simple message. If we must part ways at this time, we’ll pray for you and wait for you on the other side.

And if you ask us – OMG, Nikki Haley in 2024!

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