Whatever you do, don’t have fun in the son!

“Fun in the son”. Isn’t that cute? Well, the Chosen People Ministries want to offer you an amazing opportunity. For only $1200 (double occupancy), you can go down to Florida for 6 days and prey on unsuspecting Jews. Now is your chance to “share the Messiah with your Jewish friends.” …

An Unannounced Hospital Visit

Several years ago, I finally blogged about an encounter that I had with my late father during the shiva mourning period (see “They Never Really Leave – Visits From My Dad Z”L After His Passing” on my blog page). What was so uncanny about it was how a cousin of …

Meditative Moments with Parshat Toldot

  Meditative Moments commentaries are opportunities to increase your sense of connection with HaShem, to ease your mind and soul while you read and afterward by using classic Jewish meditation skills. Today we’ll look at how to feel safe despite the headlines and something bothering you. Avraham Avinu and his son …

Emotions Inspired by a 100-year-old Nazi

We are determined never again to be in a position that we have to wait for the delayed justice of an embarrassed nation. Never again will our people be imprisoned through the cold winters of Germany and Poland, treated as outcasts in Yemen and Iraq, starved and beaten in the cities of Austria, the Netherlands, France and Hungary and Belgium. Israel is the answer.

The Pride of Israel Arrives in Miami

It wasn’t war that trained our soldiers, it was determination. Determination to fight for every life and honor every death. Somewhere in the heavens, there is an accounting being made and if the world fails to recognize the dangers our forces ignore, the mountains we scale, the lives we save, it is no matter. We don’t do it for anyone other than those who are trapped and waiting rescue.

Anti-Israel Doesn’t Have to Mean Stupid

Being anti-Israel doesn’t have to mean you are stupid. But, it does mean, for fairness’ sake, that you’ve evaluated the true situation and decided to be against the Jewish state. As there are no perfect countries in this world, Israel is not perfect either. Clearly, if you are against democracy, …

The Land Doesn’t Lie

Fifty-four years ago, Jerusalem was placed back in our hands. It is time, good heavens, it is time for us to make it crystal clear. If Jews are prevented from Har HaBayit, then so too will it be closed to Arabs. If Jews are under attack in this country, the Arabs will also know no rest.