Election Results: The Same Idiots?

Moments after the polls closed: the pollsters did it yet again. They made their calculations  and then made the results known. To be honest, all the votes have still not come in but a general direction is there. And…well, the pollsters only made a tiny error. Most said that Kachol …

A Man and His Caddy

We saw this post about a man and his caddy and received permission to share it here on Israel Blogger. Guest Blogger: Andy Monfried “Beware of this guy, something ain’t right about him.” We were walking up the Fairway at hole #4.   I was walking next to him when …

Clarity Comes With the Dawn

In truth, there is evil in this world. In many forms. With many agendas. Worse, in some ways, are those who partner with evil. Even worse, in some ways, are those who are silent in the face of evil. Tomorrow, we go to the polls to vote for the path Israel will take in the next few years. Among the candidates are those who I believe to be evil, those to who I believe partner with evil and those who are silent or have been silent.

How NOT to Welcome George

With all the anglos in the city, no one thought it important enough to say, “hey, George is coming to the city. We really want to make sign welcoming him. Any chance we could run the text by you?”

A Picture of What Will Never Be Mine

An isolated space such as this would seem ideal. Pristine. Deserted. Peaceful. Green and filled with growth. But as I painted it, my mind shifted to a second set of descriptive words. Private. Alone. Solitary. And in this post, I explain why all of that is the polar opposite of Israel.

Purim and the Nuremberg Trials

Saw this come across my Facebook feed and I have to be honest. I thought to myself. Enough. What connection could the story of Purim, that happened well around the year 357 BCE (i.e. well over 2,000 years ago) have with the Nuremberg trials that took place in 1946. Well, …

Barrett Outdoor Communications: A Lesson in Truth from Israel

Introducing, Barrett Outdoor Communications, a company located in Connecticut that leases advertising space. Apparently, Barrett’s owner deems himself something of an expert in what is happening here in this part of the world. Enough of an expert, is the owner of Barrett Outdoor Communications, that he feels it acceptable to promote …