Whatever you do, don’t have fun in the son!

Whatever you do, don’t have fun in the son!

“Fun in the son”. Isn’t that cute? Well, the Chosen People Ministries want to offer you an amazing opportunity. For only $1200 (double occupancy), you can go down to Florida for 6 days and prey on unsuspecting Jews. Now is your chance to “share the Messiah with your Jewish friends.” After all, the site tells you, “South Florida is the 2nd largest Jewish population in the USA.” What’s more, the “750,000 Jewish people live in South Florida desperately need to hear the gospel.”Fun in the Son - not

Desperately need to hear the gospel? Can you imagine? I bet you’re thinking this couldn’t get worse, right? It can. “South Florida truly resembles Luke 10:2 ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.'” Well, yalla, let’s all go down and catch those Jews and gospel them!

And it closes with a promise, “I promise you a week of planting and harvesting the gospel seed for his harvest.” Who writes this stuff? By the way, in addition to covering “fees, administrative costs, hotel accommodations” you also get “t-shirts, evangelistic material, and a bag”. OMG, a bag. Can you imagine?

Why Florida? Why the Jews?

Well, according to Beynenu, “missionaries from around the United States are being called to flood the beaches with evangelists committed to bringing Jewish people to Jesus.” Isn’t that a great way to spend the winter? Running away from crazed evangelicals hunting for old Jews?

Apparently this Baptist mission believes God “has determined that this message must always go first to the Jewish people wherever and whenever it is proclaimed. That is what Fun in the SON is all about.” Seriously. They wrote that. Through all the nonsense, and testimonials, of course, there is one sentence that is actually true. No, really.

They wrote, “Two thousand years have passed, but God’s priority has not.” For much of those two thousand years, misguided Christians like these people, have been targeting Jews. Some needed nothing more than a Jewish man, woman, or child nearby. These people need “two recommendations, one from your Spiritual leader (Pastor or Rabbi), and another from a friend who knows you well.”

Oh well, I guess I can’t apply. My Rav (Rabbi) is not going to suggest I go down and proselytize in the name of the son (or the mother, brother, sister or uncle), nor would any true friend who knows me. So, if you are like me, warn your family and friends in Florida.

Old Hatred and New Love

Tell them the old hatred of the Christians is gone. They love us, these missionary folks. Just love us to pieces and all they want is a bit of your time and a piece of your soul. So, if you happen to run into any of these fools, just remind them that God’s priority has not changed in two thousand years…not in three thousand and not more. 

Tell them they are welcome to their gods; we’ll keep our One True God. Tell them to stay away from our children, our needy, our elderly. And tell them that if they really want to obliterate evil and sin, they should start within their own churches. If someone comes over and offers to help you find “shalom” – tell them “Shalom” and walk away.

There is no peace for a Jew in the son or the lamb or this “yeshua” character. There is no salvation, no magic. God didn’t sacrifice His only son. And, the lamb tastes just fine when you barbecue it with a little sauce and salt. We don’t need these missionaries to “share” their testimonies, and their peace will never be ours until they respect us enough to honor our beliefs as they hypocritically demand we honor theirs.

So, if you’re in Florida to have fun in the sun, avoid anyone who wants to have fun in the son. No good can be found down that road, no truth, no shalom. God commanded us more than 2,000 years ago by gifting us with the greatest of all treasures, His holy Torah. Don’t settle for fun in the son when the truth lies only in the the Holy One, Blessed be He.

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