The Story behind Palestinian Bravery

The Story behind Palestinian Bravery

This morning, a brave Palestinian terrorist, aged 37 with 4 children, took a gun to the small village for which he had a permit to work…and murdered three Israeli security guards and seriously wounded another. Several years ago, a Palestinian woman from Gaza murdered a security guard at the entrance to a Jerusalem restaurant. Several years before that, a young Palestinian man rammed his father’s BMW into my son’s army unit as they walked towards the Western Wall to pray in the days before Rosh Hashana.

Palestinians give sweets
Palestinians handing out sweets to celebrate murder of three Israelis

What do these terrorist attacks have in common? Something many other attackers also share? There is a story behind their bravery. The young terrorist who rammed an army unit, wounding 23 soldiers, wanted to marry his cousin but his uncle and his parents refused his request. Best way to express his anger? Go kill some soldiers, was the answer he found.

The woman from Gaza had been having an affair behind her husband’s back. Her Hamas lover threatened her with “outting” their affair or face communal shame. She, like the others, chose to murder Jews. And this morning’s attack? Today’s great hero of the Palestinian people beat his wife until she finally ran off to her family in Jordan. Knowing that Islamic law automatically awards the children to the father, she left behind her four children. That was a few weeks ago. I guess the terrorist didn’t like doing dishes and diapers because today he decided to commit “suicide by soldier” with a guaranteed Palestinian Authority grant to the family of a terrorist as a goodbye gift to his children.

The truth behind Palestinian bravery is often drugs, homosexuality, infidelity, and anger. They are ashamed of being homosexuals or having been exposed to the community, are subject to the anger of their family and community. They don’t want their infidelity made known and are therefore subject to being shamed and fall victim to being blackmailed. Or they are angry because they didn’t get what they want…or, they use drugs to prop up their cowardice.

They come with weapons to murder; they come with hatred to maim. The truth is that there is no Palestinian bravery; there is no great hero. All to often, it is a culture built on the wrong values, propped up by evil intent and greed.

The truth is three heroes died today – not a single one of them was Palestinian, though one was an Israeli Arab from Abu Ghosh. And the other truth is that a community was probably saved today from what could have been a larger attack against civilians. The security guards did their job and protected the people of Har Adar and today the entire community and all of Israel joins in their mourning.

Next time you hear about a terror attack, think about the motive behind the actions of the terrorist. You might have thought they were dedicated to the cause, brave in choosing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of their people. Truth is, they are, more often than not, sniveling cowards, wife-beaters, drug-induced killers, and angry jerks who think they should get whatever they want and when they don’t, they go after Israelis to try to claim in death the glory that they missed in life.


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    1. I’ve always loved when people respond to a comment by attacking. Well, if they’re really bad, maybe you’re just as bad, right? Why do you think that will work?

      Are all Jews model citizens? No, obviously not. But the society around the Jew will condemn actions that go against the law, against morality. You won’t find situations where Jews are in the streets handing out candies to celebrate massacres – as happened this week when three security guards were murdered; as happened when the Salomon family was slaughtered. Are we model citizens? No, but for every ramming where the Jew was a driver (actually, I can’t think of a single case where a Jew committed a ramming attack), there will be at least 100…maybe 500 ramming attacks by Arabs.

      For every case where a Jew went into a house a stabbed and murdered three innocent people…wait, I can’t think of any cases there either…

      For every case where two Jews went into a house and slit the throat of a four month old baby, murdered two of her brothers and her parents…hmmm…can’t think of a single case where Jews did that either.

      There are no model anything in this world. There will always be killers and evil people in every culture and society. The measure of decency is what happens in the society when this happens. Are they roundly condemned, as they are in Israel, or are they celebrated, streets named after them, schools holding celebrations – as happens in the Palestinian culture.

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