El’or Azaria = the Erev Rav’s Human Sacrifice

El’or Azaria = the Erev Rav’s Human Sacrifice

All of the prophecies of Torah are coming true, and right before our very eyes, and now.

We were warned that the Erev Rav would rule over us before Mashiach comes, and we were warned that they are Am Yisrael’s greatest enemy – they are the enemy from within and among us. The Zohar forewarned us that:
“The Erev Rav plunder and take bribes, and they are the judges and leaders over the Nation of Israel, whereas the foes become the leaders” (Zohar, Job 5).

“The Erev Rav elbow their way to be shepherds over Israel, [the latter] who are the flock of the Holy-One-Blessed-Be-He… the Erev Rav are evil and intermix with Israel” (Zohar, Nasso 33, 102).
“If they see Israel at a time of trouble, they leave them and deploy from them. And even if they have the power to save them, they do not want to save them, and they slack off from Torah and distance themselves from it and from all that deal with Torah [in order to] do a favor for their idol-worshipping” (Zohar, Genesis, “Five Forms of Erev Rav,” sections 224-231).

Dusty Sklar, in his 1977 book Gods and Beasts: The Nazis and the Occult, relates the account of a professor friend of C. Scott Littleton, a professor of anthropology at Occidental College in California, who claimed he saw “original Nazi depositions taken for the Nuremburg Trials, but never included in the record, which told of a periodic sacrifice wherein a fine Aryan specimen of an SS man was beheaded and the severed head made a vehicle for communion with Secret Masters in the Caucasus” (Gods and Beasts, pp. 99-100).
El’or’s head was made to be that sacrifice.

Thus the major public (nay, international) spectacle.

One of the main revolutionary concepts that Avraham Avinu taught the human-sacrificing and idol-worshipping world was that the One and only God does not want or allow human sacrifices.

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