Woman to Woman – A Call for Peace

Woman to Woman – A Call for Peace

Woman to woman. Here’s a different kind of video. This woman is a mother, a daughter, a wife. She’s a daughter-in-law, an Israeli, a Jew. I’ve often wondered if we appealed to Palestinian women – mother to mother, daughter to daughter, etc. if that would somehow help the situation.

There are times I wonder how any woman could be okay with her child going into a crowd of people and killing himself, along with as many others as possible. Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the culture that would send them into that crowd in the first place.

I’ve seen too many videos of Palestinian mothers standing beside their sons as they prepare to go off to die. They express pride and satisfaction. Later they will say they are proud to be the mother of a martyr. And each time, I think the same thing. If it was my son, God forbid, I would tie him up or lock him in a room.

This is a nice video – though perhaps I no longer believe that we can rely on the mothers to make peace…or the fathers. What hope can there be? What good can a call for peace be when you know on the other side there is a hate stronger than any we can understand?

As Golda Meir said decades ago – so long as they hate us more than they love their children, peace will not come to the Middle East. Without question, we still need to call for peace. How sad to know in advance, that call will go unanswered.

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  1. But why do you insist on using the term “Palestinian”? You know it has no historical validity and using this term only empowers our enemies. There is no Palestinian nation and thus there are no legitimate Palestinian claims. The rest is obvious.

    1. I agree that there is no Palestine but as other hasbara experts have said – if you fight that battle as “the” battle, you’ve lost before your ship has set sail. The world recognizes the Palestinians as a people…we are not going to change that. We can, however, remind them that since there is NO Palestine (and never was), they are doomed to be a people without land (of which there are many in the world). As with all things, you have to choose your battles…and this one is a non-starter. My feeling is that there were Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs – each had a choice. One chose peace and land; one chose war and defeat.

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