Why The Palestinians ‘Care’ About Jewish Holy Sites

Why The Palestinians ‘Care’ About Jewish Holy Sites

The reason the palestinians try to claim Hebron as their own, just as they try to claim Jerusalem as their own, or the Temple Mount as their own is really quite simple.

They have nothing of their own to claim. They have no ancient history in the Land of Israel. They have no tombs of ancient palestinian forefathers. They have no archaeological evidence of palestinian cities or temples. They have no books or songs or literature. They have no documented reference of anything. Even Jerusalem is not mentioned ONCE in their Koran.

It’s true there are a people now who have come to be known as the palestinians, but this is a recent event of just a few decades. Prior to 1948, the only reference to palestinians was when talking about the Jews, who were known as palestinians then. There is even a recorded soccer match between Australia and Palestine in 1939, where all the team members of the palestinian soccer side were Jews! The Arabs who were living in the palestinian mandated area, were simply known as the Arabs.

All these efforts in the UN and UNESCO to claim Jewish holy sites is for two reasons alone:

1) To deligitimize the history of the Jews to the Land of Israel and sever their ancient connection.

2) To supplant that well documented history and replace it with a fictitious fairy tale giving some kind of historical legitimacy to a people who didn’t exist in a country that never was.

The support they receive in these world bodies has got nothing to do with historical accuracy and everything to do with attitudes towards Jews.

There is a reason that the new palestinian museum sits atop a lonely hill, quiet and empty, where the only sound that can be heard is the whistling of the wind as it dances around the empty spaces and empty hallways.

There is nothing to show, because… well… there is NOTHING to show.


  1. Michael Dar

    It is all our fault! We never really opposed, expose or condemn the creation of a fake, fabricated, invented “Palestinian identity or people” when it first appeared. I don’t know if that criminal negligence can be reversed, since it has entered the subconscience of the ignorant masses and of course has been conveniently endorsed by the wave of political correctness which has polluted world’s conscience. Difficult task indeed but worth trying! Since those who nowadays call themselves “Palestinians” refuse to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, there is no reason we don’t challenge them (and the world) on their fraudulent political invented identity and narrative.

  2. Lee

    They also need to push the idea of a Palestinian people who are distinct from the larger Arab population in order to maintain the victimhood of an oppressed minority. If Palestinians are ever seen by the rest of world for what they really are – Arabs who are culturally and linguistically indistinguishable from Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians – then it would become clear who the oppressed minority really is, and they can’t afford to have that meme spread.

    If there is no ‘Palestinian people’, then there is no Palestinian homeland, and no compelling reason to expel the Jews – other than the immense hatred of Jews that Islam itself preaches. Had Israel been created by any ethnic group other than the Jews, the loss of Muslim territory would not sting nearly so badly.

  3. Daniel

    Well, I don’t think you have the reason quite right. The Muslims have a practice of specifically going to the holy sites of other religions, be it Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc., and changing over their sites to become Islamic. It is with malice and forethought that they do it. It is all part of conquering Daar al Harb and making it Daar al Salam. The idea is to remove the other religions. And as you know, it is not only in Jerusalem and Hevron that they have done this in Israel. It is in Shechem, Beit Lechem, Yericho, etc. as well.

  4. S. Levy

    YOU FORGOT A COIPLE OF ITEMS!!!!: You forgot they have no “Palestinian Stamps” and no “`Palestinian Coins or currency, from whatever age and eons possible.
    These existed indeed but under the British Mandate, and even there was a “Palestinian Flag” with blue and White stripes, a Mgen David (Shield of David) star right in the middle. ALL THIS UNDER THE BRITISHA MANDATE, ONCE AGAIN. So, arabs and “palestinians” stop bullshitting about your inexistant heritage. The only contribution to modernity and technology was the invention of the “0” – ZERO which was inexistant na even so, you were helped by other countries and scientists. What a greatly useless people you are!

  5. aviva tamar pessah

    bingo , exactly jelousy is their
    problem ! if they had
    their own heritage to enjoy and respect their own culture to be proud of
    they would respect ours too
    but since they have no patriarchs culture they claim ours as their. it is so
    obvious. they know our pride and they are after it
    they knoe the invincible Jewish spirit !!

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