“Why Should We Care What the UN Says?”

“Why Should We Care What the UN Says?”

This morning, on the way home from shul, I was asked by a neighbor, “Why should we care what the UN says?” For anyone who may follow me on Facebook knows, I have been pounding US President, Barack Hussein Obama for abstaining (via Samantha Powers) in the UN vote against Israel. I wrote my own thoughts on Facebook, and I continue to post articles from all across the USA from major media outlets, condemning the actions (actually the IN-action) of Israel’s strongest ally.

Hence, the question above was posed to me, due to my “being very out there” with all my criticism. Truth be told, I have asked myself that same question, at the very same time that I am posting all that I post. Since he voiced the question, and I answered him as best as possible, on the spot, I decided to put those thoughts onto “paper” and share them with others.

Let me start off with something I believe with a full heart: G-d has a hand in all that happens in this world. While I am not looking to debate a theological question here, I fully accept the diktat of the Talmud and many other sources that הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים (All is in the hands of Heaven, except for our fear of Heaven). This idea means that WE determine how we serve Hashem. WE determine what type of person we are, and who we become. That is not Divinely ordained. Other than that, G-d runs the world, and it is up to G-d to set things in motion, as the Supreme Being sees fit.

Now, if I fully believe that, then why in the world should I care about this ridiculous UN resolution? After all, it’s all in the hands of G-d. Besides, Israel is not bound by the demands of the UN in a legal fashion (as I understand it).

My reaction is visceral and from the heart. My reaction is based on a feeling that, while Israel has contributed SO much to this world, it is the narrative of an invented people that wins over the world’s sympathy. While Israel is on the forefront of saving lives, our enemies our on the forefront of destroying lives. While Israel is on the forefront of technological breakthroughs, our enemies are on the forefront of terrorist-inspired “breakthroughs.” And while Israel seeks to be a Light Unto the Nations, our enemies seek to extinguish that light, at a breakneck pace.

And the fulcrum on which this balance always seems to teeter is the United Nations. The UN has shown its antipathy and virulent anti-Israel sentiments for many years. Essentially, the UN is the world Bully and Israel is its favorite “mark.” When a person is being bullied, he or she knows full well that they are not the “bad guy” but merely the recipient of the bully’s hatred. They know that they didn’t do anything wrong, yet they continue to get pummeled. To overcome bullying, there are any number of steps that can be taken, and in that regard, I present a few of them and how this reflects my opinion as to why we SHOULD care what the UN says or does.  (These ideas are based on an article that can be found in Psychology Today authored by Signe Whitson, L.S.W.)

  1. Stay Connected: Bullies operate by making their victims feel alone and powerless. A bullied Israel can  reclaim its power when maintaining connections with faithful friends and supportive countries.
  2. Create Awareness: Keep the bullying front and center in the eye of the world. DO not allow it to be relegated to the back pages and then to the dustbin of history. People do not discuss nor advocate for a cause they are unaware of.
  3. Act Quickly: The longer a bully has seeming power over a victim, the stronger the hold becomes. Over the years, the UN  has tested the waters and confirmed that a “victimized” Israel  is not going to over-react and stand up for its rights in any severe form and then, the aggression worsens. Israel must take aggressive action against the bullying UN–and taking it sooner rather than later–the best way to maintain power.
  4. Respond Assertively: BUILD!  We are told that much of our country is illegal and the UN prohibits Israel from building etc, ad nauseum. Do not burn bridges but be very wary with crossing those bridges. Form new bridges and seek new alliances. The world does not (Thank G-D!) revolve around Europe.

So, indeed, I do care what the UN does. They continue to bully the magnificent, beneficent and special country of Israel. The land and its People which G-d has stated that those who bless her will be blessed and those that curse her will be cursed. I care because I am sick and tired of standing by watching Israel be the whipping post for the Muslim world. I am sick and tired of the world buying into a false narrative. I am sick and tired of the world embracing terror all the while using all of the know-how of the very state that this terror seeks to destroy. And I am sick and tired of everyone thinking that they can solve all of the world’s ills by solving the so-called Israel-“palestinian” issue.

I am sick and tired of it….and I won’t take it sitting down any longer.


  1. Yemima Belmont

    What is true for others is not necessarily right for Am Yisrael.
    Torah tells us וישכן ישראל בטח בדד (דברים לג’: כח’) so that staying connected (in whatever manner or degree) is not necessarily helpful.
    The “bully” has existed for thousands of years, just its name and appearance have morphed, thus there’s nothing new to really “quickly” respond to.
    And creating awareness among the nations has proven for centuries to be far from changing עשו שונא ליעקב.
    Our real solution is among ourselves – Torah and ahavat chinam.

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