Why Israel Should NOT Attend the Paris “Peace” Summit

Why Israel Should NOT Attend the Paris “Peace” Summit

Here are the top ten reasons why Israel should not attend the Paris “Peace” Summit:parisfreeforreuse

10. The results are a foregone conclusion. Israel will be condemned; Palestinians will be rewarded. Israel will be admonished; the Palestinians will be praised.

9. All that is wrong, the entire conflict, will be blamed on the settlements – never mind the fact that Arabs were waging terror attacks in the 1920s and 1930s. Forget that they attacked Israel in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. It’s all because of settlements that didn’t even exist when the conflict began.

8. United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 proved that Israel cannot rely on its “trusted” friend, the United States – at least not for another 9 days.

7. France is not safe for Jews and Israelis – the less we all go there, the better. And, as it happens, Paris especially seems to have too many random attacks against Jews.

6. I heard John Kerry might be there and statistics show that whenever John Kerry opens his mouth, the blood pressure of most Israelis goes up.

5. Because the solution to the long-lasting Arab-Israeli conflict has never rested in the hands of France or the US, Russia, China, Senegal, Germany, England, or New Zealand.

4. Because sometimes the best answer is the one delivered from far off – and the answer really is simple. It is to live here in our land and do what we have been doing forever – living.

3. Because the weather is nicer here in Israel, the views so much more ours.

2. Israel shouldn’t go to Paris because it’s time for the Palestinians to make a move towards peace, time for THEM to make concessions, offers, good will gestures. We’ve done all of that and nothing was gained. Their turn.

and, the number 1 reason why we shouldn’t go to Paris is…

Because every step we take in this land, every day we spend here, every breath we take in Israel, is a blessing, a present, a statement, a promise.

Israel is eternal; the rest of those guys who will meet in France? Not so much.

So, have your party, condemn us, threaten us, sanction us, hate us. You’ve been doing that for more than 2,000 years, do you really think this meeting in Paris will make any difference?

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