When Your Prayer for Sense is Senseless: You Accuse the Jews of Genocide

When Your Prayer for Sense is Senseless: You Accuse the Jews of Genocide

In the fifth and final article in this Continuing the Dialog – Take 2 Series, we conclude this second part of the response to the “hate-mailer series.” In this post, I respond to the claim that it is the Jews who need to come to their senses for the conflict to end, as well as to the mendacious claim that the Israel-haters love to make, which is that it is the Jews who are now the ones committing “genocide.”

Specifically, I respond to this nonsense: I … pray for you and for israeli people to go back to their senses and realise power isnt everything, and there isnt an excuse good enough for the genocide that their government has committed and continue to commit on the palestinian people.


If you are going to pray for a people to come back to their senses, I would hope that prayer would be directed at the people who keep turning down (repeatedly since 1937) every offer for peace and for the first ever independent Arab state ever west of the Jordan River.


If you were going to pray for a people to come to their senses, perhaps you should focus those prayers on the people who, when they were given a right under the Palestinian Authority to vote in a credible election (January 2006),  voted into power a genocidal, extremist Islamist Supremacist terrorist group Hamas. 

And if you need reminding, Hamas is a group whose very Charter calls for the murder of all Jews and sounds like it was written by some horrible hybrid of Adolf Hitler, Josef Goebbels and their chief ally in the Arab world, Haj Amin el-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem.

But instead of praying for the people – whose xenophobic hate for Jews and Islamist and Arab Supremacist ideology has driven this entire conflict – to change, you are praying for the only people in the entire Middle East who have a thriving, pluralistic, entrepreneurial, highly academic, and democratic country to change. Into what? More like their neighbors in Syria, Jordan, and Gaza? Who are each governed by dictatorships where free speech is a dream and religious tolerance is non-existent?

And then to add to the absurdity of your “prayer” and to how misdirected (and misguided) your claims are, you continue to demonstrate either you ignorance or your blind Jew-hatred and accuse the “Israeli people” of committing “genocide” against the “Palestinian people.”

“Genocide” – in the Arab-Israeli conflict – over 100 years of warfare, including numerous wars – where the other side, be they Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian (or the people who are after 1950 began to identify as Palestinians) – were actually openly calling for the annihilation or genocide of all Jews, the casualty totals for both sides have been: 26,000 Jews and 91,000 Arabs.

Notably, the overwhelming majority of those casualties on the Arab side were Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian soldiers during Israel’s war of independence in 1948, the 6 Day War, and the Yom Kippur War. During the Yom Kippur War alone, which Egypt and Syria started, over 19,000 Arab soldiers were killed.

In terms of Palestinians killed during Israel’s various wars since the Jewish people had the temerity to declare their independence in 1948 (and faced a self-described “war of annihilation” by the Arabs) and in all of Israel’s other actions in response to Arab terrorism, rocket attacks, terror tunnel attacks, etc. approximately 8,000-9,000 Palestinian Arabs have been killed in and as a result of military action by Israel and most estimates are that in the large scale actions  in Gaza – caused by Hamas’s attacks on Israel – at least 50% of those casualties were men between the ages of 16-40 who were engaged in attacks on Israelis.

During this same time frame approximately 4,000 Israeli Jews have been killed by Palestinian Arab terrorism and over 2000 Palestinian Arabs have been by other Palestinian Arabs (what is called the “Intrafada”) and this does not include the numbers of Palestinian Arabs killed by other Arabs, such as the approximately 5000 Palestinian Arabs recently killed by Assad in Syria or the nearly 5000 Palestinians killed by the Jordanian Army during “Black September” (though Arafat claimed the Jordanian Army killed over 25,000 Palestinians).

Bottom line, this is not “genocide.” This is tragic and it is the result of war; a war caused by the Arabs’ fanatical rejection (over and over again, see 1937, 1947, 1948, 1967, 2000, 2001, 2008 …) of any Jewish sovereignty or independence in our indigenous homeland, but it is not genocide.

Since 1948 the population of Arabs who identify as Palestinian has grown from barely over a million people to over 11,000,000. Not a “genocide” under any credible definition.

And at the rate Palestinian Arabs have died in conflicts with Israel over the past 70 years, it would take Israel 600 years to do to Palestinian Arabs what Arabs have so far done to each other in Syria in 7 years.

It would also take Israel 2000 years to do to Palestinian Arabs what Turkey did to Armenians in under 10 years. And it would take Israel 7706 years to do to Palestinian Arabs what the Nazis did to us Jews in 4.

And anyone who knows this history, should know what genocide actually looks like, and should know how shameful and immoral it is to accuse Israel of genocide. But facts have never bothered Anti-Semites. Not during the blood libels of the Dark Ages. Not during the times of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” libels. Not during the Nazi Der Sturmer era. And certainly not for the “I am only anti-Zionist anti-Semites” who peddle in modern-day blood libels and conspiracy theories about the world’s only Jewish state.


  1. Joan Zia Kahn

    Good for you, Micha! Thank you for taking the time to debate these brainwashed fools. It is a hard thing to so. Sadly, too many Jewish brothers and sisters have fallen into this category, too.

  2. Unc Kenny

    Very well written Mitch. I am not Jewish,however your assessment proves to me you have provided enough data to support your stance of a non substantial claim of genocide against the Jews but places the blame where it belongs on an antisemtism among the Palestinians towards the Jews.

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