Support Kurdistan’s Independence Now

Support Kurdistan’s Independence Now

On this crucial day, as the Kurdish people are voting for their Independence Referendum, I call upon the international community to support them in establishing an independent state.  The Kurdish people are uniquely different from the Iranian, Turkish and Arab peoples.  They have their own unique history, culture and way of life.  They deserve to enjoy the same rights that other nations enjoy.  To support an independent Kurdistan is to support human rights, minority rights, women’s rights, gay rights and democracy in the Middle East. An independent Kurdistan will be a second Israel in the region.

An independent Kurdistan should include parts of Iraq, Syria and Iran.  The Iraqi Regional Government only seeks to establish an independent state in Iraqi Kurdistan but in order to weaken the Syrian and Iranian regimes, it should also include parts of Syria and Iran.  However, the Kurds don’t want to take any hostile actions against Turkey.  If Turkish Kurds wish to live in the Kurdish state, they are welcome to move to Erbil and other parts of Kurdistan.  However, in order to ensure peace and prosperity, the Turks can hold onto Turkish Kurdistan.  All the Iraqi Kurds want is for Turkey to continue to have good economic and trade ties with them, thus enabling them to sell their oil across the world and to provide the international community with a clean energy supply.

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