Offering Some Perspective: Morality, Facts and a Bit of History

Offering Some Perspective: Morality, Facts and a Bit of History

In this guest post, Hillel Fuld offers an insight into the Gaza rioting of the last few days (and weeks). He offers it not from the perspective of history, but rather a blend of fact, history and simple morality. It’s a refreshing approach and a welcome addition.

Guest Blog Post by Hillel Fuld

This is not a political post, this is a moral, factual, and historical post. I am angry. I listened to the radio this morning on the way into work. Mistake one.

They were interviewing the head of an Israeli left wing party. The topic was yesterday. The embassy event and the events on the Gaza border. I don’t even know where to start.

I listened and had to actually make sure I was hearing her correctly when she referred to the embassy opening as “Insignificant.”

But forget her and her party’s opinions. I then made mistake number two and opened Twitter.

Again, I had to ask myself, “Is this for real? This journalist legit said that since there are no dead Jews, our defending our border is unjustified?” Yes, yes she did. Legit. For real.Sulome Anderson

See for yourself.

The radio interviewer asked this Israeli politician if she can admit that the Disengagement was a horrible mistake.

After all, not one Jew in Gaza, Gaza was ethnically cleansed of Jews, something she believes we should be doing in additional areas, and the result, well, we know the result. I was genuinely sure she would admit that we made a mistake. How could anyone rational not?

Her response? “No, we have not given them enough. We need to give them a port. We need to give them more money.”

I just do not, cannot comprehend how the minds of these people work.

People storm the border of a country using violence and terror, and they are killed. And who is to blame? The world will have you believe it is the one defending her borders. How? Like really, think. How? Where is the logic? Do these violent “Protestors” hide their intention? Are they tricking the world? No, they are not, they say it loud and clear. “We want to break down the border, enter Israel and murder as many Jews as possible.”

And the world, forget the world actually, some of our own, many of our own, truly believe we should not prevent this by all means necessary?

I am not saying anything new here, I know. Sometimes, I just need to put things down on paper to make sure I am not missing something. I am utterly fundamentally confused here. How does any rational person blame Israel here?

But then to add insult to injury, Michael Eisenberg just shared a post from an officer who was there, on the border and saw with his own eyes, the violence on the other side of the fence and the measures Israel takes to avoid loss of life. It is in Hebrew, anyone want to translate it? It is important.


English translation:

Anyway, more than anything, all these events, all these opinions have me confused, confused and angry. I have never witnessed the level of hypocrisy and double standard that we see in the global community when it comes to Israel.

The best is of course those that say, with a straight face, that the opening of the US embassy was not “Worth it” because look at the result on the border of Gaza. “Was it worth upsetting them and costing the loss of so much human life?”

As if Hamas has not been trying to kill Jews every day since it was established. As if Hamas and the original PLO were not established for the sole purpose of obliterating the Jews. Read the flippin charter! Here:

Oh, and then there is the assimilated Jews who tweet me saying that America should not take such a strong pro Israel stance here because it would upset Americans and turn them against Israel. “Aww, sweet of you to have our backs like that. I think America is done not taking a stance against evil. I think America is now righting that wrong…”

Anyway, the hypocrisy we are witnessing today from the press, the global community, and worst of all, from in-house, is confusing and infuriating.

Then again, it is nothing new, not even close.

My conclusion when nothing adds up? Someone else is running the show and pulling the strings, because with the flawed logic and lack of a moral compass that humanity is displaying today, it sure is not us running the show.

About Hillel Fuld

Hillel Fuld is an entrepreneur, journalist, blogger, vlogger, and leading startup advisor. Rarely does he delve into politics, preferring to present Israel through the wonder of innovation and technology. Every once in a while…he “slips” and writes great truths. Israel Blogger is honored to feature this post, which first appeared on Hillel’s Facebook newsfeed. You can follow Hillel on Twitter (@hilzfuld), Facebook, Instagram, and through his many acritcles on TechCrunch, Inc. The Huffington Post, and on his website: 

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