Is Israel on the brink of war again?

Is Israel on the brink of war again?

Last night, Iran committed an act of war. It fired 20 missiles at Israel (towards the Golan Heights). This act of war was not committed in the name of self-defense. It was not firing at rockets that were aimed towards their people. Rather, it was fired at people (Israelis) whom they have threatened repeatedly and against whom they have funded and/or supported thousands of terror attacks.

Four of the missiles succeeded in passing the border (flying over the heads of the United Nations peacekeeping task force that is supposed to keep the peace). These four rockets were shot down by Israel’s amazing Iron Dome system. The others fell inside of Syria (hopefully not killing any cows). No injuries reported on the Israeli side, though it was the middle of the night and our citizens were ordered into shelters.

War and People are with the Golan
The People of Israel are with the Golan

Even beyond the Golan heights, for example in Metulla (Israel’s northern most town), people were instructed to remain close to shelters.

At this moment, it is quiet. We do not know what all this means… It’s happened before that missiles were fired into Israel without a full blown war resulting. We have been at war for 70 years. In that sense, we are still at war. But the IDF has been taking out specific targets that pose a real threat to Israel and its citizens. Iran doesn’t like that. You can imagine our response to this.

Israelis have never wanted war. We don’t want one now. But since 1948, the one great truth in Israel is that every war has been waged because we had no choice.

We have no choice now. Most of my relatives in the US don’t like Donald Trump. They may not have liked Hillary Clinton but they despise Trump. One cousin unfriended me on Facebook over this issue. At this moment, Trump is the best friend Israel has had in the White House in at least 20 years.

Israel is safer today with Trump in the office then Clinton. If that upsets you…So be it.

At this moment, yet again, Israel finds itself on the brink of war. In the coming hours and days, we will know if this is war or yet another almost. At this point, we don’t know. I’m not even sure if the IDF knows. Not even sure if the Iranians know.

20 missiles fired at Israel. Iranian rockets are not like Palestinian rockets.. they are more accurate… Or they are supposed to be.

20 rockets…no injuries.

I went to sleep hoping that the first sirens were a mistake or actually a reaction triggered by anti-aircraft missiles.

Too early, I woke up to the news that Iran has started something… Or appears to have opened a new playing field…a very dangerous one.

So here’s the second great truth of Israel… We are a country of great faith. A land of believers. We believe with complete faith that the God of Israel is protecting us.

The Iranians really should read the book but in the meantime, if this is war… There is something we citizens can do. We need a name.

People…this is important.

Few armies fight with the same determination as Israel, certainly none in the Middle East. But let’s be honest… They suck at finding good names for these operations.

Operation Protective Edge?

Operation Pillar of Cloud?

Yes, yes. The Hebrew works but the English names don’t.

So let’s go…

Maybe Operation Mishloah Manot?

What about Operation Haman Two?

Then, there’s always Operation Shushan…I like this one.

With our luck, they’ll call it Operation Achashverosh…. Oy.

May God watch over our sons and daughters. Blessed is the God of Israel, who never sleeps. Always He protects His people.

We are the children of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. The children of Sarah and Rivka, Leah and Rachel. We are the people of Moses, of David. And we are the descendents of Mordechai and Esther.

We…as God is our Father, we are the people of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai.

IDF Press Release on Last Night’s Events

IDF Press Release
IDF Press Release


  1. N. Rajarathnam

    Israel is holy & promised land. Israelites are choosen people by almighty God. There is no need to worry because God is with you, he will take care of you.

    I will all ways support & stand with Israel.

    God bless you amen

  2. Yehuda

    Protective Edge was a very good name. The IDF is Israel’s protective edge against all our enemies. The other one you mentioned was called Pillar of Cloud only in Hebrew. In English it was called Pillar of Defense, which is also a very good reference to the IDF. That is the role they play all the time (with Hashem’s help, just like the original).

  3. Yehuda

    Protective Edge was actually a very good name. The IDF is Israel’s protective edge against all our enemies. The other one you mentioned was called Pillar of Cloud only in Hebrew. In English, it was called Pillar of Defense, which is also a very good name for what the IDF does (with Hashem’s help, just like the original).

  4. K V Simon

    What about Israel’s relationship with Lord Jesus Christ ?
    That will determine Israel’s eternal future .
    It is time for Israel to come under the New Covenant blessing and become a blessing to all the nations of the earth .
    This is what God of Israel mandates the nation of Israel .
    Lord Jesus is the Prophet like unto Moses whom God has raised up from among His own people , and it is that Prophet whom you must hear .
    He is your Saviour and He is the Saviour of the world .
    He is the Prince of Peace and Lord of all .

    1. Thanks for your comments. Please note that we here in Israel do not believe that Jesus was “Lord” anything and therefore clearly has no role in determining Israel’s eternal future (which we do agree is eternal).

      No, it is not time, nor will it EVER be time for Israel to come under a “new” covenant because the eternal covenant we have with God is both a blessing and a never-ending promise.

      No, Jesus was not a prophet – he was likely a rabbi, and he was a Jew – like many millions of others, he was murdered. End of story.

      I could go on but there’s no reason. Please don’t try to preach to us. We welcome a friendship with those Christians who respect us enough not to attempt to convert us to whatever they believe. I will offer you the same courtesy (the one you are failing to offer to me) in that I won’t attempt to show you why what you preach is simply wrong.

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