Israel Under Fire – Bombs on Cities

Israel Under Fire – Bombs on Cities

Tonight, Israel was bombed moments ago and moments after that. Seconds ago, and seconds before that. In each case, they are targeting civilians, cities, people. Are missiles bombs? No, I don’t know in the technical sense, but in the human sense, they explode and terrify. The destruction and terror caused are now being assessed as emergency forces rush to each area. More, there have been so many alarms, I’ve lost count of how many missiles were fired, how many tens of thousands of people are running to shelter.

Already we know that two people have been injured – one light to moderate, the other lightly wounded. Several have been taken to the hospital in shock, including two pregnant women. Clearly, several cars show signs of the damage caused by the missile explosions. Also, I saw a picture of a rocket embedded deeply in the ground.

Watch the video below – but turn up the volume. And, you can hear the screams of people and through it the voice of one woman as the camera pans over the building.

“Listen, another 20-25 meters…” and then her voice trails off. It isn’t hard to understand what she is saying…20-25 meters would have been a direct hit on an apartment building. What would have happened if one of these massive bombs, this rocket, would have hit that home?

Yes, Gaza fired many missiles. Iron Dome has taken down some…four were fired into the city…a city, people.

No, these people were not out at the border trying to launch explosive balloons and burning tires. Rather, they were putting their kids to sleep…now, I don’t know if they will sleep at all. Moments ago, I heard that the Security Cabinet is meeting tonight. What will Netanyahu choose to bomb in Gaza? Really, are there any empty buildings left?

Rocket Attack in Sderot

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