Is the betrayal of our government tantamount to murder?

Is the betrayal of our government tantamount to murder?

First let me establish the traitorous activities of our government as fact before we go on the question of the article. Treason, by its definition, is any act that would endanger the lives, land and livelihood of the people, infringe on its national rights or empower one’s enemies in a way that outweighs any derived benefit. That definition is broad, but I believe it would fit well with any dictionary.

Let me establish the acts of this government, based on the previous definition of treason. Unfortunately, we are subject to constant media lies and attention, from within, that treason is no longer treason. Therefore we do not exit our homes, and take to the streets in massive numbers and shut down the city until change occurs.

If everyone knew what the government was planning to do, I am not sure in this digital age that people would actually do such a thing. Its not until the bulldozers show up do they put up a fight. By then, its too late.

The plan of treason is simple. Give away as much of Yehuda and Shomron to murderers, our sworn enemy, that funds, incites, and executes terror, able to reach every doorstep of Israel with ease. Giving access to the murderers to any place in Israel, is also an act of treason.

Who is guilty of the above? No, not just those “leftists” in the Knesset. The fake right, the false massiahs, the frauds who constitute the hope of the Jew in Israel to live a life of no stabbings, shootings, firebombings, car rammings (vehicular homicide) and to walk freely without fear in his land. The fake right that the Jew wishes to build his home, and not have it being planned to be taken from him, demolished and him forcibly removed by his own soldiers, sworn to protect his life. These are the most dangerous Jews in Israel, along with the leftist media who promote and applaud their “reasonableness”.

The government has made constant military arms deals with the USA that do more to endanger our welfare than promote it. Israel, the start up nation, can’t invent a plane of its own? It cant produce its own weaponry? The arms deals, that the left applauds, and the right signs off on, are endangering the sovereignty of Israel, which is being willingly coerced into its destruction.

Those who continue supporting any military or economic aid from the USA, at the cost of giving away Yehuda and Shomron (“The high ground”) and leaving Israel totally vulnerable to crippling attacks from all sides, are nothing less than traitors.

The cost of the aid is constant pressure for Israel to give away the West Bank to murderers soaked in Jewish blood, a modern day Paroh who bathes in the bath of the blood of Jewish children. In the last 50 years, with all the arms deals have our enemies gotten stronger or weaker? Has the grip of the murderers on our land, which currently stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river, has it helped curb their desire for our blood, made us safer in any way, has it given us free license to stamp out Hezbollah or Hamas in Aza? The opposite effect has occurred. The military and economic aid, has also been transferred to our enemy, who is being allowed to slowly take back Yehuda and Shomron (the West Bank) dunam by dunam. Is not every single cabinet member that voted last week, to give away 16,000 dunams of land to the murderous Palestinian Authority a traitor? Is not anyone who opposed, but silently agreed to the decision, and did not leave the government coalition, also not a traitor?

The answer is they are all traitors, including Bennett and Jewish Home, the so called “Fascists” of the right wing, the so called extreme right, who is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the left, who makes nice speeches that he does not support a two state solution, but in practice, silently allows it to happen and supports many of its key policies.

So, we have no coalition crisis from the vote. Does not Bennett understand that a vote against, is not sufficient when we are talking about giving away eretz Yisrael to murderers? The best of the traitors, Jewish Home, but not the worst, yet still they are traitors.

They have promoted the idea over and over, murderous Arabs should have autonomy in our land. We must coexist with them, we must bring them into our cities, double the work permits, so more of the enemy run free in our land.

Does Gafni, who tells Haaretz, that he is leftist but only serves the right because of Shabbos? Otherwise he is also in favor of giving back Yehuda and Shomron. He cannot be a Torah Jew and say such a thing, which makes him a total fraud, and a traitor as well. The others are just non religious traitors, but they do not claim to be with G-d.

So we have Shas, and UTJ, who are willing to give away the land, and let Jews be murdered, so long as we keep Shabbos. They are also not traitors?

What is the penalty for traitors, may I ask, in other countries? How do they handle their traitors and how do we handle our traitors? The real right in Israel is small, sadly to say. Although, if it were not for the media, we could reach more people and they surely would agree, we are being betrayed at the highest levels. This does not even mention the open treachery of the Bagatz, they are obvious in their treachery as they order the forcible removal of Jews from town after town. The plan was to go town by town and then city by city. The traitorous Regulation Law in theory stopped the demolitions, but inscribed into Israeli law, the proper owners of Israel are the Jordanians, and that compensation must be given for their “stolen land”, written by the best of the traitors in Jewish Home!

Where does the average Israeli stand in all this? Some vote for Kachlon, so that the price of cheese might one day go down, we are still waiting for the price of cheese to go down. Kachlon, a guardian of the Bagatz, and leftist, is no less of a traitor.

Who will rise up and send these traitors packing? Who will rise up and shut down Channel 2, BTzelem, Peace Now, Haaretz and the other traitors? In a society that keeps talking about killing its citizens, and there is case stated, in withdrawal from Aza, how much blood was shed, going back in, having the whole country subject to its missiles, 14 years of abandonment of the south to Aza rockets, can there be any clearer precedent of treachery than the withdrawal from Aza?

Yet the talk of the town, in the White House, and on the lips of all is withdrawal. Withdrawal equals death for Jews, and when you are a Jew in Israel, you too could die because of withdrawals.

For those of you who do not understand how withdrawal leads to death of Jews, let me give the sequences of events. First Tzahal withdraws from the area. Then the arms race begins. Once the cat is away, the mice will play. Then the smuggling of arms and now self produced arms, begins. While Tzahal is there, they stem the flow of weapons. They uncover the weapons factories (sound familiar? – its in the news all the times, weapons factories exposed in Yehuda and Shomron). As soon as they leave, the weapons productions go uninhibited. In a very very short time, the populace becomes a huge war camp, with the sole aim of destroying Israel. Armed to the teeth, they then begin the provocations to Israel with rockets, gunfire, mortars, to draw Israel into a war so they can further weaken and destroy Israel. They are not worried about Israel taking over again, Israel is too weak and scared to really want to do that. Oh, what would the world say? Israel is taking Arab land away with Zionist aggression! So Israel, gives the green light for them to build rockets and terror tunnels. Then the war games begin and its been non stop war since. The tunnels and rockets are rebuilt, and Israel has to suffer war after war with an enemy that never gives up, never.

The ones who approved Oslo, are they not all traitors? What is the penalty for traitors? Why are they not being brought to trial and given the maximum penalty by law? Why is Bibi, and the Likud that brought on Oslo, not being brought to trial?

The simple answer is, you can’t bring the leader of an army to trial. He must first be deposed, and then brought to trial like they did with Olmert. Also, you cannot bring to trial when the Bagatz are traitors themselves, and approve of the treachery. So we have a severely stacked system, with results being dead Jews, and you, and I, and everyone else living in Israel, is subject to this death.

Why are we so weak in spirit, and so lacking the clear understanding that we have no one, not one leader today in the Knesset? No one who knows when to pressure and stop the giving away of our land? Stop the withdrawals, destroy the illegal building and freeze the enemy’s construction instead of our own. The building freeze is simply stage 1 in the give away of Yehuda and Shomron. They want 1967, the brink of extinction, to come back all over again, this time with stronger Arab armies. We expect another miracle and expect to defeat them all in six days. This is the mindset of the traitors. Give it back and we will fight again if we have to. If we have to? We have it now, pulling away is treason!

When the right person comes along, and understands this, we must all pour our support behind him. Let him come soon, time is running out, our enemy gets stronger every day. Our lives are in danger and at least the understanding we are being betrayed, and the absolute clarity on how and why it is betrayal, is critical for the future when we take back our land from our enemies. Remember the greatest enemy, is the one among you, destroying you from the inside, not the one on the outside.

How many Jews have died from the never ending intifada and wars with Aza? The intifada can be put down in two days. Refusal to do so, is treason. Removing Jews from their homes, by force, is treason. Count the Jews, who died since the first withdrawals of territory from Israel. Is the Sinai not home to Daesh (ISIS) and Al Queida? Is Aza not home to Hamas? Hamas had 10,000 rockets aimed at Israel with a huge terror tunnel network in 2014 and today is continually rebuilt with the concrete and electric Israeli government provides them with. Traitorous?

Al Jezeera operates freely in Israel. BTzelem, Peace Now, operate freely and destroy Israel from within but the fake right refuses to outlaw them. Terrorists run around the Knesset in suits destroying Israel from within as the third largest party in the Knesset. Likud ensures their power continues and refuses to remove them. Not treachery?

We are being killed in partnership with our government, left right it does not matter, there is no right in the Knesset, only wrong. They are the equivalent of murderers, but who has the guts to say it? Who can stand up and say it?

Should we slowly sit back and watch as Israel burns, literally and figuratively?

Was the response to a pure act of war, burning down Israel last year, a nothing response of 20 arrests, was that not treason too? How would you feel if your home was burnt down by a terrorist last year and he did it again this year?

When will we wake up? I hope the nation realizes the threats we are in, and is finally willing to get out of their house and take back the streets. Let this day come soon, with G-d’s help.


  1. Peretz

    When the elders of the town closest to the “Mait Mitzva”, are required to declare our hands have not shed this blood, the question arises do we suspect the elders of murder? So why do they have to declare that their hands have not shed this blood? The answer is as long as they have done all they can to ensure the safety of the slain “Mait Mitzva”, (who was found slain in the field), they are considered clean of guilt. So long as they did not ensure his safety, and abandoned him, we see that the Torah considers that abandonment akin to murder. The answer is simple, out out out, the complication is how to convince the nation to end all coexistence. It could lead to war but a bold Israel has usually stunned the enemy. There is no choice when they come to kill even one Jew we all must go to war. Otherwise our nation is betrayed by its leaders. My point is betrayal and how it is clear their responses or lack of response directly leads to the next murder. They could save lives but they choose to continue looking away as Jews are murdered.

  2. Aryeh Zelasko

    The problem is not new. The question has always been how to solve it. Jews are not killers, like the Goyim. It is part of the yerushah from the avot. That is why there has never been the kinds of violence here we see in the Goyish world. Nevertheless there will eventually be an explosion. That is why I sign my emails with this: ​”In the history of the world, no tyranny has ever voluntarily relinquished power or been replaced by peaceful means.”

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